Microsoft Says They Won't Have Any Xbox One X Bundles This Holiday

Microsoft has confirmed that they will not be launching any Xbox One X bundles this holiday season. Read on to find out all the details.

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ZehnDrachen364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Dropped the ball again, MS.

Considering the console is already selling at a substatial lost, adding a game on top of it would only hurt more.

Bigpappy364d ago

What is the sense of having bundles is the stock of the system is already low. They need to replenish the supply and maybe offer some deals after the holidays.

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Rude-ro363d ago

They launched with a “bundle”...
The issue is, the biggest sellers are sponsored by Sony.
So instead of a “bundle”, they have get a free game of you purchase an xbone x.
The same deal they have done every winter

TechnoGoat363d ago

It's adorable that you bought the whole "SOLD OUT WORLDWIDE" line..

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zivtheawesome364d ago

the console is not selling at a loss. everyone misunderstood their comment from a few months back. they just meant that the console is not where their major profit is.

gangsta_red363d ago

I think it has more to do with adding on to the already high 500 dollar price tag.

It's amazing enough the system is selling well but I wouldn't push the price any higher even if a game or two were added.

Gunstar75363d ago

Who says it is selling at a loss?

joab777363d ago

This is insane to me! This is a launch at Xmas. Crazy

RosweeSon363d ago

Apart from new Forza what could they even bundle in anyway they got no new X games due out until the new year no doubt.
Crackdown 3 bundle 🙄😂✌🏻

mcstorm363d ago

I love it when people move the goal posts who gives a shit about power looks ect buy the games you like like others do what they like. I own a switch and and X because they offer me more type of games I like to play than sony/Xbox or sony/Nintendo offer. People like different things get over it.

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PhoenixUp364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Well of course not it just came out. I don’t believe PS4 Pro had any better bundles last year either. Not even Nintendo looks to be having any official Black Friday Switch bundles

SpaceRanger364d ago

Pro had some free games come with it from some sellers. Even one Best Buy deal with a TV last year (buddy of mine got that one around Black Friday). And switch already has bundles.

It's a shame the 1X won't even have at least a AA game bundled with it like Cuphead or Recore. Haven't seen any from other sellers either.

PhoenixUp364d ago

If PS4 Pro had any Black Friday deals last year they weren’t very official or as widespread. Any deals you did see were on a store by store basis.

I can’t find any $300 Black Friday Switch bundles. Any bundles I do see are more expensive and seem like standard holiday bundles.

ABizzel1364d ago

Switch Bundle is at Target, but it doesn't list exactly what's included in the bundle.

Max-Zorin364d ago

Fire the whole Xbox division. Xbox need a huge revamp. Nothing but new faces.

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