Xbox One X: ARK Director Talks Strengths and Weakness of the World's Most Powerful Console

ARK: Survival Evolved Creative Co-Creative Director Jesse Rapczak explains the strong points of the XBox One X, also mentioning its one arguable weakness.

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CP_Company670d ago

who can even believe this director? another bidder for m$, that is it.

go and fix your game, your game is broken with massive numbers of bugs and some even game braking bug

PFFT670d ago

lol you act as if Sony doesnt have its fair share of 3rd party developers in its pocket. Im glad Wildcard isnt kissing Sonys rear and its actually taking advantage of what the console has to offer.

CP_Company670d ago

maybe they have, maybe they don't, but they are not stepping into spotlight every month and m$ internet in front of all world. that is a huge different between them.

PFFT670d ago

Bu, bu, but what about the Playstation?- Geoff
Not possible the console has more weaknesses and limitations.- JAT