Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition Coming To PS Vita & PS4

Tribute Games has revealed with a trailer that Mercenary Kings Reloaded Edition is coming to PS Vita and PS4 via a free update some time in the future.

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SurgicalMenace341d ago

I absolutely love this game, and have been anticipating its portable edition.

MeteorPanda341d ago

stoked as well, my vita has been on standby since l finished Ys memories and lacrimosa.

l do hope they have a switch release with a shared screen like diablo instead of that 4 way screen bs. even two players you get a small screen..why!

crafting food and weps was probably my favourite thing. the story was eh but l wasnt looking for one anyway.

Cmv38341d ago

What's going to be new about it? I loved the original.

rdgneoz3341d ago

Judging by the trailer, a black female character and maybe a robot to play as, and maybe a few new missions (says multiple upgrades). Still, a great game and with crossplay it should let people find more people to play with.