Respawn CEO: I'm Not Worried, I Think The Creative Freedom Is Still Here

Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella said that he's not worried about the studio's creative freedom after being acquired by Electronic Arts.

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Chris_Wray340d ago

Pure mouthpiece talk. He doesn't want to piss off the new paymasters, which I can't blame him for. He's not exactly going to say "I look forward to a few years of productive work, then a few more of menial crap before Electronic Arts absorbs the husk that once was Respawn Entertainment"

olliegreenslimgamer340d ago

yup! shame really, god damn publishers

Septic339d ago

Vince is not the type of person to hold his tongue. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Not going to jump on the mob mentality on this one.

bouzebbal339d ago

EA, Microsoft are same story... they are talent killers,

ThatGuyDart339d ago


There is no "mob mentality". No gamers actually wanted this to happen. However we aren't going to close our eyes and put our fingers in our ears. EA WILL eventually destroy this company barring a miracle.

Pintheshadows339d ago

Septic, name one developer EA hasn't cannibalised?

Good luck.

morganfell339d ago

Name on major studio that once acquired by EA retained creative freedom and the high level of capability they had when they first appeared. Name one studio that EA founded that did something good and then got better. They just shuttered Visceral. Who is next? Look at Bioware. How good have they become since EA purchased them?

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Nitrowolf2340d ago

Whenever someone uses the words "I think" is just immeadiately, to me, someone who obviously is questioning it themselves hoping its true

Platinum_Fan339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I got a free car for you just follow me into this dark alley, "trust me".

Septic339d ago

Or he is aware of the fact that he can't speak with absolute certainty as he has only just made the deal and time will tell how things actually work?

morganfell339d ago

I agree with Septic. It is simply a figure of speech and the a logical alternative to "I know" where a person is not wholly positive but are making a logical deduction. One could employ "I surmise", or "I hypothesize" but in the end those simply mean "I think."

ChronoJoe339d ago

It's not like Respawn were making games that EA wouldn't want to make. They're making popular shooters, stacked with action sequences, big guns and robots. As far as creative freedom goes, their games were never all that creative to begin with - I'm sure EA will allow them to retain a level of creative freedom that their games have expressed thus far.

Sure, they've probably lost the freedom to stop making these types of games and start making Walking Simulators, but steep changes in development aside, I can't imagine it will make that much difference. EA was already the publisher of their new series from the get go, so they would have already had a lot of sway in its development and marketing anyway.

Kiknyonutz339d ago

Don't bite the hand that feeds....

morganfell339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

My real issue with this is that Zampella and West originally worked at 2015 Games and made Medal of Honor Allied Assault for the PC, a contract job for EA. A phenomenal game with some of the best mods ever - Q3 Engine. They left and took most of the people with them. All 22 original members of Infinity Ward came from 2015. They wanted freedom to do what they wanted. Activision helped fund their new studio called Infinity Ward. 2015 sued Infinity Ward because they basically acted like corporate raiders.

So they sell their souls to Activision. Nothing wrong with that actually. It's called business. But then they start screaming Activision is controlling them and basically treating the studio like property. Well you were. Then the entire issue of money came up and what Activision did there and that wasn't right but the money issue was more of a legal excuse to leave than it was the original problem. They leave and form Respawn. And again they put themselves in the same situation. At some point fools are responsible for their actions. Of course West is long gone having left and never actually worked on the first Titanfall.

The point is that it is quite easy yo hate companies like EA and Activision. And they often deserve that hate. But sometimes its like a traffic accident. Ask any knowledgeable police officer. Most times everyone is to blame to some degree. The occasions where someone is wholly innocent are quite rare and this isn't one of those instances. Zampella and the other top employees have a history of actions that make them somewhat culpable as well so I am not ready to give them their halo and angel wings just yet.

One has to wonder if this move was in part motivated by EA having marginalized what may have been the best game they publishede last year - Titanfall 2 - and the fact it would have been treated better as a wholly owned IP.

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-Foxtrot340d ago

Awwww that's f****** adorable...he thinks he still has control

You are now doing Star Wars which I doubt you guys asked for even though "Holy's Star Wars" and I bet if you wanted to make the game a pure single player adventure like what Visceral was doing you wouldn't be allowed. So no the creative freedom isn't there guys will do exactly what EA want. Shallow, generic, online focused shooters full of MTs and lootboxes while having a massive Season Pass plan.

UltraNova339d ago

If EA had to dismantle a whole studio and stop development of a Single Player focused Star Wars game in order to turn it into a MT online cash cow, then anyone at Respawn who still believes they will be allowed to even have the tinniest shrivel of creative freedom is either a fool or he sold his soul to the gaming devil called EA or both.

Respawn's fate is sealed.

Septic339d ago

"Shallow, generic, online focused shooters full of MTs and lootboxes while having a massive Season Pass plan."

You think the next Titanfall will be a shallow genetic shooter?

franwex339d ago

I doubt there will be a next one..,

-Foxtrot339d ago

In their hands...probably

Over the top MTs and ridiculous loot boxes...definitely

Godmars290339d ago

Wasn't that, aside from wall running and mechs, what the first game was?

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XiNatsuDragnel340d ago

Cute he still thinks he has control. No way boy EA sama about to screw you guys over.

KaiPow340d ago

If EA can keep Titanfall 3 (or whatever they decide to do next) a pure $60 experience without paid maps or extraneous bullshit, it could be a good contrast against the $100+ Battlefield titles that force players to purchase the map packs in order to have the full experience.

Platinum_Fan339d ago

Yea... like that's going to happen. They closed down Visceral because there game wasn't going to be easy to add MT's to, you think they are going to let Titanfall remain MT free... yea right.

Pintheshadows339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Haha. Are you kidding?

Titanfall now has a mobile game as well so that should indicate a direction. There is no way any of that is going to happen. Hell, MT's are already creeping in to Titanfall 2. Have been for a while. I doubt that if we do get a Titanfall 3 it will have free map updates. They'll go the CoD route and charge silly money for a few new maps.

EA wants to rape Titanfall, the best IP they have, like a filthy whore until it is all dry and used up.

Ashlen340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

LoL before the ink was even dry they told you what game you were going to be making and how you should make it. EA literally closed down the studio working on the game they gave to you because they were making the game they wanted and not the game EA wanted.

Either Vince is just kissing his bosses asses by saying this or he is literally the most clueless person on the planet.

Apocalypse Shadow339d ago

The truth is right here up above.

339d ago
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