Cyberpunk 2077 Dev: ‘There Are Great Things To Come’, ‘Do Not Believe Everything You Read Online’

CD Projekt RED calls for patience.

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uRaDecepticon431d ago

I hope they're able to push the Xbox X to it's limits, or at least give a good try, lol.

DrShoe430d ago

The xbox x one x one is basically a low to mid-level PC, so the biggest challenge will be to optimise the game to play on that rapidly ageing console.

lelo2play430d ago

You clearly don't know what a low to mid-level PC is. I would really like to see a low to mid-level PC do 4k in most games at playable frame-rates.

Grant you, xbox one x isn't a top of line PC, but calling it a low to mid-level PC is just plain ignorant.

DillyDilly430d ago

If the XBOX One X is rapidly ageing than the PS4 Pro is ancient by now

kevnb430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

A mid level pc can do 4K 30 FPS, but anyway let’s try to get on topic. I remember when the 360 came out, it was putting pcs to shame until the mighty 8800 came out.

DrumBeat430d ago

Excuse me, but do you know what you're talking about? Ever?

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medman430d ago (Edited 430d ago )

By the time Cyberpunk is ready for the limelight, probably 2019 or possibly even later, the ps5 will be a thing, probably soon to be released near the launch of games like Cyberpunk and Death Stranding, and certainly eagerly anticipated after being shown at conferences, really think by that time anyone is going to give a rip about the one x? And that's not even mentioning where the pc gpu/cpu market will be by 2019.

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sammarshall102431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

The Witcher 3 gives me all the faith that CDPR will deliver with Cyberpunk 2077. The Witcher 3 is one of the best games ever

430d ago
Summons75431d ago

It's been 5 years for god sakes, give us something instead of this "there will be something soon" BS

DrShoe430d ago

Be patient! CDPR is the bees knees!

Summons75430d ago

They are a great developer but 5 years and absolutely nothing is ridiculous. Not many games that have really long development times get lucky enough to succeed. Unless they surprise us at PSX or E3 with a gameplay trailer and a "releasing in 4-6 month" deal than they really should show something.

IamTylerDurden1430d ago

That is bs. CDPR are great devs, TW3 was a great game, but that doesn't make them immune to criticism. Truth be told, they announced 2077 far too early and it was irresponsible. Not long ago they came out and said they had just finished optimizing and tweaking the engine. I expected a statement like "we are almost done with the game" but instead they had just finished setting up the engine? Seriously? Why show non engine cinematics years before you've laid down any meaningful code? I'm all for giving devs time but this is bs.

Kyosuke_Sanada430d ago

After reading of the amount of confusion and crazy expectations that occur in the CDPR workspace, I'm not surprised of the long development cycle.

Toby_1981431d ago (Edited 431d ago )

I bet this game won't be out until 2019 when next gen starts. Definitely not coming next year

Mr_GoolyPunch430d ago

I bet you £2 that it comes out next month

northpaws431d ago

Take all the time you need, 100% faith after Witcher 3.

DrumBeat430d ago

Agreed. Witcher 3 had its flaws, but I was able to overlook any so easily due to glorious nature of the rest of the game. Best RPG in years, imo.

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