Preview: Star Wars Battlefront 2's Single Player Campaign Shows A Lot Of Variety - JPS

The Star Wars Battlefront game that came out two years ago was disappointing because there was no single player campaign. Well it seems as if EA has listened to the fans as Star Wars Battlefront 2 features a great campaign so far.

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BenjaMan64432d ago

Awesome. Thanks for posting.

sammarshall102432d ago

I'm so glad this one has a campaign and that it looks good. I will show my support for that, I didn't buy the 1st Battlefront because of it being multiplayer only

Summons75431d ago

I'll wait until it's used and play the single player only. Supporting P2W microtransactions is never okay.

sammarshall102431d ago

Do the microtransactions affect the single player? Honest question

If it doesn't affect the campaign in a big way then I'll still get it day one

maybelovehate431d ago

The missions available through early access are really fun. Core Gameplay doesn’t touch Destiny or Halo but love presentation and variety with space battles