The 3D Super Mario games ranked, from worst to best

Super Mario Odyssey is the seventh 3D Mario game, but where does it rank against classics like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy?

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Xerneas1248d ago

When an amazing game like Sunshine is the worst, you know this is a series of extremely high quality games.

BadElf1248d ago

For me , 3 really matter. I still can't believe how Galaxy is so overrated.
1. Mario 64
2. Mario Odyssey
3. Sunshine.

That's it.

Eltortugagames1248d ago

The gameplay in galaxy is fantastic. I am more surprised surprised on how you could fail to see that

BadElf1248d ago

For me personally, its just not a good 3D Mario game. Especially too linear. 3D Mario needs to have some mystery/exploration to it....Galaxy had none of that. It was just ehhh to me

Babadook71248d ago

@BadElf. I agree with you. Can’t see MARIO 64 being anything but the best and never liked galaxy 1 or SM3DW

BadElf1248d ago

I was so worried we werent even going to get something close to 64 again..But damn, Odyssey is good

Benjaminkno1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Galaxy had a lot of surprises, plenty of nostalgia, and a very unique approach to gameplay.

They did exactly what they always do, and made a different installment.
Galaxy 2 was just as good, though I wouldn’t have put it first.

I found 3D world underwhelming

thepatientgamer1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Super mario 3D land is utterly brilliant. A truly perfect and innovative portable mario game. I five shiny starred that game and I loved every second of it. I think I did it twice actually. Fricken amazing.

Also, I haven't beaten Galaxy 2 yet, but I am looking forward to experiencing how good it can be in the post game. Working my way through now, and the earlier levels have seemed pretty tame.

Grilla1248d ago

3D world was pretty similar to 3D land, both great. 3D world had one of the best couch co-ops

Xerneas1248d ago

Same thing here. I did it once but it was a blast. 3D world was amazing too. That cat mario power up was cool. I loved climbing up walls with it. Maybe, there will be a Super Mario 3D Galaxy game next.

Shuckylad1248d ago

Not sure the word “worst” is relevant in this discussion.

gbsrnctaln1248d ago

1. Super Mario 64
2. SMO
3. SMSunshine
4. Galaxy 2
5. 3DWorld
6. Galaxy 1

BadElf1248d ago

That's a good top 3. Same top 3 for me. Galaxy 2 as okay. Galaxy1 and 3D World I would never even list

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