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EGM: "Whether it’s a game that has platforming elements like Cuphead, or the standard bearer for the genre making a triumphant return like Super Mario Odyssey, we’ve had a great run recently with platformers. Of course, having these stellar examples also allows for easy contrast when we come across one that does not live up to expectations, and unfortunately, Super Lucky’s Tale is a pretty pathetic example of a platformer."

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ZehnDrachen341d ago

Quite sad. Although i'm really not surprised.

341d ago
CyberSentinel341d ago

The game is not bad at all. I enjoyed it, and actually give M$ props for releasing it. I’m so tired of haters, hating on games like this and Knack. 4/10 is ridiculous, and nothing more then “fake reviews”.

Bigpappy341d ago

It actually got many more good reviews than bad. You always have to see it as 1 person's personal preference. I don't take reviews very seriously. They should actually Trials for every game on Xbox. That's the best way forward.

leoms340d ago

''It actually got many more good reviews than bad'' you need to check again

G20WLY340d ago

For anyone who played Super Lucky's Tale when it was originally released in VR, they will understand why this version sucks, if only in comparison.

It was built from the ground up as a VR game and, while the game was only so-so, it was fresh and different. This made it enjoyable.

Taking that away in this iteration killed what made it unique and left a platformer that feels dated, if adequately functional.

gangsta_red340d ago

....Anything under a 5 means it's broken....


Deathdeliverer341d ago

I know what everyone is thinking so I’ll just ask it. It’s probably a 4.0 on Xbox One...... but what about on Xbox One X? 🤨🤨🤨

Blastoise341d ago

4/10 only with slightly better graphics

Army_of_Darkness340d ago

Onex will get 5/10 cause you will get to enjoy this turd is true 4k! Woot! Woot!

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The story is too old to be commented.