Call of Duty: WWII Contracts Bug Fix Found, Here's How to Fix It Unofficially

There's a COD: WWII Contracts bug fix found by someone over on Reddit, and multiple users say it works!

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seanpitt23367d ago

This game is unfixable with the crappy p2p servers, this shows it.

We need dedicated servers or this will keep happening.

81BX366d ago

No lie. Cod ww2 mp... jump+prone out and shoot! Shi++y p2p will handle the rest. Also that OP pistol

Kornholic366d ago

That is an outlier case. The connection has been good in the overwhelming majority of the matches I've played.

Deviwolf366d ago

Lol another reason you dont like it now? haha

LA_Zeo366d ago

Mad as f**k I brought this pro edition bull crap when better games are out like For Honor that I'm addicted to playing now

jeromeface366d ago

you had me till better games like for honor, lmfao