FFXIV Producer Would Direct Final Fantasy 16 If Asked

Final Fantasy XIV Producer Yoshi-P has said that he would direct Final Fantasy 16 or another FF game if he was asked to by fans or Square Enix.

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FallenAngel19842414d ago

I thought Hiroyuki Ito would direct FFXVI from certain sources

thatguyhayat2412d ago

I think it was, i confused by this. But then again titles in square enix have changed hands before

XiNatsuDragnel2414d ago

Nice combination of the two would be cooler

Summons752413d ago

I'd be down with that. The story in XIV is really good. I'd like to see the mainline FF go back to the high fantasy setting with the graphics of FFXV or even better by the time XVI comes out.

Asuka2413d ago

Personally i would love to see FF go back to Ivalice with production values on the scale of FFXV or greater.

Omnislashver362413d ago


They need to remember that Fantasy is at the core of FF. I think even Nomura knew that when he made FFvXIII and said it was a "Fantasy based on Reality" but Tabata took his words a little differently.

ecchiless2413d ago

I would prefer a sequel or remake of Vagrant Story, my #1 game from SquareSoft.

Lovable2413d ago

If you don't play FF 14, there is a raid dedicated to FF Tactics (Ivalice) right now. See the vid below. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

It's absolute chaos and amazing! They even use FF Tactics music!

PapaBop2413d ago

I'd be excited to see him stepping it up for a larger scale FF production yet at the same time I don't want FF14 to lose such a talented person, it's probably the best FF game in over a decade now.

Shinox2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

How the hell does this guy become trustworthy all of a sudden since FF14 still is heavily dialogue based game with the same combat system and the same terrible and confusing level designs since 1.0 .. i swear to god this guy accidentally becomes overrated due to the mistake that is called FF 14 , he doesn't even have history of making a singleplayer games .. people praise him out of nowhere but doesn't give reasons why , talented this talented that , wth did he did exactly .. you derps better let Takashi Tokita make console games again .

Lovable2413d ago

Man you are ignorant. He literally revived a dead game and made it one of the most popular MMO to date. How you don't get that is beyond any human's understanding.

Shinox2413d ago

The likes of you who keeps drumming for no reason DISGUSTS ME in the gaming community , what part of my comment do you not understand when i'm clearly aware of what i'm talking about but you have the nerve to call me ignorant for it , THAT'S EXACTLY WHY i'm criticizing this whole thing .. ITS HIM and his drummers .. even a Korean MMO devs can do much better than he does when it comes to innovations , the guy is overrated plain and simple .

Lovable2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

First of all, you didn't even write a valid criticism about the game. You wrote some BS comment that doesn't even compare to the rerelease ARR or even the incredible Heavensward and Stormblood expansion. Comparing the Combat system and "confusing level designs" to the 1.0 shows how ignorant you really are. I just love how a scrub like you put lies in comment without even knowing anything about the game. Also love how you completely ignore the part where I said this is one of the best MMo in the market. A schmuck like you wouldn't understand success even if it is right in your face.

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Final Fantasy XVI Is in Good Hands

After 2 long years, we finally have a release window for Final Fantasy XVI. But the names behind the title, are probably largely unknown outside of the Final Fantasy XIV bubble. So allow us to introduce you to the team of Final Fantasy XVI and why you should be excited!

pietro1212747d ago

The talent behind this game is what made me so hyped

PapaBop746d ago

Same, what has been showcased so far doesn't leave me excited but I have faith in Yoshi P.

Knightofelemia747d ago

I'll believe it when the game comes out.

-Foxtrot747d ago

That's like saying Cyberpunk was automatically in good hands because the Witcher 3 was amazing and GOTY

Each new project is a a blank slate, always expect the unexpected, not everything is going to be good because the last thing the team did was.

sinspirit747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

Agreed. Not that I wouldn't be excited about a future game from a renowned studio. But, I am already put off by the FF16 trailer. The combat just doesn't seem fun to me and I need to know more of the story. It doesn't seem exciting to me. It just looks like it's trying to be safe.

VersusDMC747d ago

Combat looks more fun to me but i like action game combat.

And a Final Fantasy game going with a Devil May Cry style combat system is nowhere close to tying to be Safe.

A turn based combat system would be the safest combat system to use.

pietro1212747d ago

But has Square put a out a game as bad as Cyberpunk was? No they haven’t not even with the likes of FFXIII and XV

VersusDMC747d ago

They haven't put out a FF game that bad...but they did release Balan, Quiet Man and Left Alive.

-Foxtrot746d ago

The point isn’t about if it’s broken

It’s about automatically giving a pass on a new game because the last developers game was great. So because FFXIV is great this is automatically going to be? Yeah it shouldn’t work like that.

DarXyde746d ago

Umm, to a point, I agree.

1. Of course, you must also realize the inverse is true. A terrible game made by a studio doesn't mean the next game will be bad. Even a bad track record doesn't suggest that the next game will be bad.

2. I would say it is moreso a matter of playing to a studio's strengths that matters above all else. In the instance of Cyberpunk, I haven't played it, but my sense is that it's a good game if it wasn't such a buggy mess. A high quality production wrapped in poor testing/optimization. I would also say that CDPR is probably much better at making open world fantasy RPGs than FPS games. I think they're similar to Guerilla in this context; Killzone was never a strong series in my opinion, but they really hit their stride with Horizon. FromSoft made Tenchu which I loved, but they also hit some rough patches until the Souls games, which have been pretty consistent in quality (DS2 is arguably the worst, but was still an enjoyable experience). For that reason, I see it as playing to one's strength. Some studios are far more versatile like Naughty Dog, Insomniac, etc. Others are kind of one trick ponies. So I would say that if the FFXVI team plays to its strengths, it'll be a solid game.

Just my thoughts on the matter.


@Foxtrot I'm with you on this one.

Kingdom Hearts isn't what it used to be, Final Fantasy XV was very crap compared to what we've seen from vs XIII and like I said in another post about this game I think it just looks very uninspired.

I used to buy every SquareSoft/Enix game without a second thought, now I have the complete opposite.