The Order 1886 is a Good Game That Deserves a Sequel

"The Order: 1886 was a huge let down for a lot of PlayStation gamers — like many games, it didn’t quite live up to the hype. The game also released during a time when PlayStation exclusives weren’t nearly as dominant as they are now. It received a ton of criticisms due to its length — the game could be completed in around five hours. The game was obviously meant to be a series, the ending cutscene ends at a cliffhanger. Sadly, we’ll probably never know the events that were supposed to transpire." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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sammarshall102368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Yes it does. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed The Order and it still has the best graphics out there. I still replay it from time to time I'd buy The Order sequel with no hesitation

Deep-throat368d ago

"it still has the best graphics"
False. They downgraded the graphics and the game became blurry thanks to the low res and crazy amount of crappy post processing effects.

The Order isn't good. It is not even mediocre.

sammarshall102368d ago

Even if the game was downgraded (I don't believe it was) no game has come as close to being CGI quality visually and The Order 1886 is a very good game

Frinker368d ago

I couldn't even get halfway through it was that tedious and mundane

S2Killinit368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

its one of my favorite games of this generation. The gun fights were second to none and the graphic and music was top-notch. So yeah, it was great. I think the criticism was that it "didn't innovate the genre" ? or something like that... /:

what? blurry? what are you talking about, have you even seen it?

SurgicalMenace368d ago

Right, just say anything The Order was slick. Enjoyed it, only complaint would be the length. Graphically stunning til this day.

generic-user-name368d ago

Utterly shocking to see deep-throat trolling on a PS article.


Zeke68368d ago

Deepthroat... Another xbot that need to lay of the drugs!!
1886 The order is a great looking game.

trooper_368d ago

And who are you that we should listen to you?

Foxhound922368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Well whaddya know...the Xbox fanboy thinks a PS exclusive is bad. Move along troll.

The game had the most immersive setting and story and the gameplay was good, not amazing. The game suffered from too being short and had somewhat repetitive gameplay and the werewolf gameplay sections were pretty lame. A sequel would do the game justice.

368d ago
fenome368d ago

@Deepthroat, Frinker and Wooly

Where's your little buddy Moldy? It looks like the gang's all here. Lmao

GamingIVfun368d ago

The Order !886 wasn't perfect but it was still a decent game and a great showpiece for the PS4. I would love to see a sequel to this game. Make it happen Sony.

PrinterMan368d ago

You forgot to add IMHO. Iv'e played through The Order 3 times now and to me, IMHO it's great.

GNCFLYER368d ago

Blurry, low res, crappy PPE? I still own that game and what you describe isn't it.

Short as can be yes but quite a looker.

rainslacker368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

When did the patch come out that downgraded the game? That's news to me.

The game does indeed have some of the best graphics of this gen, even this far into the gen.

It wasn't a mediocre game. It was pretty decent in game play. Had a great story. Great atmosphere. Amazing graphics.

It wasn't without it's flaws. I'd say it was average, but not mediocre.

I wouldn't say it deserves a sequel, because deserve is just the wrong word. I personally would buy a sequel though, because I did enjoy the first game despite it's flaws.

Dark_Knightmare2368d ago

Dude why are you such a pathetic little parasite always in Sony articles trolling. Is your life that pathetic or do you get off trolling?

SierraGuy368d ago

Yeah but if it was an Xbox exclusive it would have been the greatest game ever and nothing could touch it.

morganfell368d ago

Your jealousy of The Order isn't good, it isn't even mediocre.

guyman368d ago (Edited 368d ago )


There isnt a console game that tops order 1886 in graphics to this day. Nothing on Ps4, nothing on xbox one x. Mind you the game was average but in terms of grahical fidelity the order 1886 is king. Go cry somewhere eşle now

To say it was downgraded önce again proves how pathetic you are. You probably think the earth is flat too

jasonpugh368d ago

True story, but don’t tell all the PS fans the truth about their exclusives.

morganfell367d ago

"True story, but don’t tell all the PS fans the truth about their exclusives."

Don't tell all the xbox fans the truth about their...their...their...their third new console this generation.

367d ago
yeahright2367d ago

Yes, but what if it came in a green box with the xbox logo on it?

Skull521367d ago

I was bored within 2 hours and stopped playing. It really is as bad as the reviews said.

KickSpinFilter367d ago

No graphically it was amazing, good cover system.
A.I. on the other hand was terrible.
Good Rent, bad buy.
Like to see what they could do with a second chance.

Toby_1981367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Moldybread is probably arguing and
debating with MegamanXXX 😁

@Frinker the same way I felt about Quantum Break

CryofSilence367d ago

Wrong, it is rendering at 1080p equivalent with black bars. There is no blurriness. It has very strong AA. I sense someone who never played it.

andrewsquall367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

@Deep-throat Have a look at this amazing in engine cutscene from The Order 1886. Oh wait, my mistake, that is a CG VIDEO from AC Syndicate but they are so easily mixed up.

@S2Killinit He is clearly referring to the widescreen effect thing and trying to pretend the game DIDN'T run at a 1920 width. He must be getting mixed up with 1280 width, blurry mess Quantum Break on Xbone.

FITSniper367d ago

I don't know about the standard PS4, but on my PS4 Pro, the game looked incredible.

Flewid638367d ago

Downgraded and still has the greatest visuals ever?


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GottaBjimmyb368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

It was better than I think it got credit for, but it really wasn't that great of a game, the story was decent, the pace was terrible and the gameplay itself was actually not bad, but man the AI and cover system was a bit off. I personally found it to be a 7/10, if I had to put a number on it.

That said, I wouldn't mind a sequel, but would be just as happy with them trying something new too.

Shiken367d ago

I loved the gunplay, visuals, plot, and so much more. However I agree that it is a 7/10 due to the overall length and potential that was not tapped into.

I loved the game and fully support a sequel...I almost want to play through it a third time now just thinking about it!

GottaBjimmyb367d ago


Oh, no question the plot felt like it was written specifically for me, an alternative timeline where Tesla was inventing weapons to defeat a werewolves horde that had grown to power in london and the nights of the round table are the ones fighting, and created the idea of "jack the ripper" to keep the public from finding out. Basically epic from any standpoint, however I feel like they missed so many opportunities in executing the story, Tesla is almost ignored completely, the main enemy is shown then dies almost immediately, it just didn't fully pan out IMO.

That all aside, the world and plot for the story all sounded amazing, I wish they executed it well, because if they made a compelling story on that plot-line I would probably be giving it an 8 or 9/10 just due to that change alone.

joab777368d ago

It needs some additions in the sequel. It needs some collection items, bugger spaces to move around in, maybe a bit more customization. Bit the premise is rock solid. It's just tough to recommend a $60 purchase for a sp only game that you can beat in 4-6 hrs.

nyctophilia13367d ago

I'm shocked this hasnt been free on PSPlus yet. Maybe that would drum up more interest and they can make a better sequel.

BigPoppa367d ago

The Order was fantastic, had a great core of gameplay to build on. They just need to increase the length and sort of the pacing issues. I’d definitely buy a sequel

Ceaser9857361367d ago

Yes i surely agree.. The Order 1886 needs a sequel.. The game looks amazing..

bnaked367d ago

The graphics are great, story and characters were quite good, but It's the whole game design that was flawed, not just some little things... And what about the terribly empty, meaningless or too easy moments between combat and cutscenes? The story-telling wasn't that good...

starchild367d ago

I personally find games like Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn to be more impressive from a graphics standpoint, but The Order 1886 did look incredible and it was unique. It needed to be longer and have more gameplay depth, but it was still an enjoyable experience for me overall.

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chrisx368d ago

Definitely needs a sequel. That universe has great potential.

Septic368d ago

I agree the universe has potential for sure.

But let's not kid ourselves. The first game was a shit game!

Soulst0rmer368d ago

Only 3 issues with the game.

1. Combat was a pop up range
2. Collection system was weak
3. Navigation was weak

Story, acting, sound, graphics, dialog, effects all was perfect.

This world needs more to explore.

Kribwalker367d ago

it was ok, but mind you i paid $5 for it. i woulda been upset if i paid full retail price

andrewsquall367d ago

@Septic Exactly, its exactly like Quantum Break but WITHOUT the TV Show crap............ oh and on a console that can actually handle the tech too.

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Obscure_Observer368d ago


Sure thing! The games need improvements on its mechanics but i definelly loved the characthers, setting, atmosphere and plot.

Can´t wait to see more of Grayson and Lakshmi. I also care about the loyal Lafayette as well. Now that RAD is seeking new endevours, Sony could task Naughty Dog with a sequel. Fingers crossed!

_-EDMIX-_368d ago

That would be pretty crazy if the other half of naughty dog was really working on that game.

I think it might be likely the another part of Sony Santa Monica is working on it, but who knows really.

OB1Biker368d ago

I think gamers deserve a sequel. I mean I really enjoyed the game. IMO the main fault I find with it is it's like part I of a three parts game. It could have been an episodic format. PlayStation owe us a follow up on the story and with better focus on characters development.
Of course the gameplay can be improved in many ways.

ziggurcat368d ago

They had always said the the first one was just the beginning of a planned series, so the complaints about the story weren't exactly warranted because there was more to unveil at a later date. I doubt anyone would start watching, say, Stranger Things, and complain because everything wasn't revealed, and wrapped up in a tiny little bow by the end of the very first episode. What would be the point of a series if the entire story was resolved before it even got off of the ground?

OB1Biker368d ago

Well to take your comparison its like you get a pilot episode and that's it. Of course there's reason to complain. Give us the whole series or a standalone.

ziggurcat368d ago

“Of course there’s reason to complain”

Not when it’s a planned trilogy.

gangsta_red368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Your comparison and logic makes no sense. The complaints for the story were warranted because the plot was filled with holes, was written poorly and was filled with eye rolling cliches complete with college film grad level fade to black gun shot.

What's the point of defending this game with a supposed planned trilogy? Doesn't matter, a sequel isn't going to correct the extreme flaws the first game had.

A more appropriate comparison would be like waiting for sequels to Tommy Wiseau's The Room.

OB1Biker368d ago

In my understanding, its not 'complain' directed at the game specifically but more at the lack of sequel. By all means, people should bug PlayStation in the hope of getting the intended sequels some day.

ziggurcat367d ago


Ahh, okay. I have actually sent a tweet or two to Shu saying that a sequel should be made. I hope I am not the only one doing that.

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shuvam09368d ago

Things would've been so much different had it been priced $40 from the get go...
They could've recouped the cost of the engine from the sequel...

ninsigma368d ago

I'm Definitely hoping for one. Some stuff that needs fixing but it was a solid start for what could be an interesting series.

fenome368d ago

Same here, it was a cool world and story. Hopefully they'll continue on with it, it I wanna fight some vampires next.

hulijizomi367d ago

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Nyxus368d ago

It is and it does. Amazing atmosphere and very interesting world.