Let's Rank All of the Kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey

Which kingdom is number one?

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alexgibson369d ago

Tough to choose with so many good ones. The Luncheon Kingdom was the only one that I didn't like the look of.

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Kramerica13369d ago

I'll have to come back to this later after I finish the game.

Servbot41369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Wooded Kingdom with the awesome Deep Woods was the best. Lake was beautiful, but too small. Luncheon was the worst by far, followed by probably Bowser's.

I really liked Seaside during the afternoon, I wish you could swap the time of day on the levels that change. Ruined is the biggest disappointment in terms of size; Dark Souls Mario and all they could manage is one boss and like 5 moons hidden in the dirt and rocks? Give us some Ruined Kingdom DLC please

coffeemaster369d ago

Ruined dlc would be sweeeet