Halo 5: Xbox One X's most impressive 4K upgrade?

EuroGamer: "The bottom line is that Halo 5 on Xbox One X is an excellent upgrade. There is a sense that the original artwork crafted for the game was never fully visible on an original Xbox One and with Halo 5 only existing in a limited form on PC, there's a good argument that we never got to play the entire game in the way it was meant to be played. The bottom line is that with Xbox One X, now you can. If you missed out on Halo and can accept that this is a vision unique to 343 Industries, rather than a Bungie-style offering, it's absolutely worth a look."

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TankCrossing369d ago

I had a little jaunt through the opening of the game. It definitely feels like it "fixes" the quite severe deficiencies with the base version, rather than being designed to show off high-end hardware in the way Gears 4 and Forza 7 do. Nice to play it the way it is meant to be seen. I wish the X could remove the visor though so I could see the art without so much UI obstruction.

Unfortunately after a bit of time with Destiny 2 auto-aiming for me, I can't aim for toffee now.

Obscure_Observer369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

To be expect from first party devs to make the best use for their consoles power and resources. Good job, 343i!

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andrewsquall369d ago

@Obscure_Observer After such awful utilization on base hardware? No, just no. 343i has nothing to be proud of since taking over Halo except taking notches OFF the franchise's belt.

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shloobmm3369d ago

As if you care about 343 and what they do with Halo. Wipe the taste of Sony of Sony out of your mouth and stop being so critical of shit you don't care about to begin with.

Yetter369d ago

Halo 5 is the best MP the series has ever offered

Septic369d ago

"In fact, the high resolution now reveals details which were once impossible to see. A case in point is the battle rifle - its rear-mounted display now resolves text detail right down to incidentals like the remaining battery life. It looks like the self-same artwork is used on the standard version of the game, but there simply wasn't the pixel real estate or the definition to actually see all of the intricate details."

Well that's cool!

"In fact, in like-for-like scenarios we've seen anything up to five or even six times the resolution on Xbox One X. Engaging the new system's GPU power and its prolific leap in memory bandwidth, the leap is tremendous."


timotim369d ago

Playing Halo 5 in Beast Mode, nothing comes close! 🎮

Vectrexer369d ago

That should be a standard for naming a setting on Xbox enhanced games
"Beast Mode" lol

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Obscure_Observer369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Incredible! O.o

Simply incredible! John really seems excited and impressed! i can´t wait for Halo 6 which will be build on the X from the ground up!

KionicWarlord222369d ago

Halo 5 already was the best first person exclusive on consoles.

After this upgrade on Xbox One X it buried any competition.

The Image quality is night and day on my X.

yankolo369d ago

I think between TF2 ...H5...COD....TF2 IS THE BEST LOOKING GAME ....THEN H5 AND COD

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shloobmm3369d ago

It is by the worst looking of the bunch even after the patch that fixed the resolution issue.

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