Can the Xbox One X Save Microsoft's Generation?

USGamer: “Our review of Microsoft's new power console, Telltale's layoffs, and more in the latest episode of our flagship podcast.”

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TheEnigma3132387d ago

Only software can. MS is weak as hell in that department.

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AZRoboto2387d ago

This generation, MS flubbed themselves. The One X will only save the brand in the long run if MS can prove forever-compatibility and Sony somehow doesn't with the PS5.

butterknuckles2387d ago

Save is a pretty strong word. While they may not have as many exclusives as Sony I'm sure everyone here can agree they definitely righted the ship after their disastrous launch of the Xbox one and are heading in the right direction so long as they do intend to acquire more studios and develop more exclusive content. Time will tell.

TheVetOfGaming2387d ago

That's the thing though. Time will always tell with Xbox. They should have been bringing good, fresh new games, but instead they're focusing on more power and enhanced older games. Apart from Forza, they don't really have anything worth noting. Gamers want games, new stories and experiences, but Xbox do what they do best, and regurgitate games, promises, and empty line ups.

corroios2387d ago

If Microsoft didnt closed studios and bought studios and create new studios, then they could save this gen and start even strong the next one. Create hype behind new titles.

Sony and Nintendo show this year that exclusive games are crucial for the sucess of a machine. Even a machine with the power of 0.5 teraflops can get much more sales then the combined sales of 1.13 and another 6 teraflops.

Just saying best version of this and best of version of that, will not make a diference at this time of the gen. Because those game can palyed on other machines. The 4k selling point is getting old and is not even real, because more and more games arent running at that rez.

So the best weapon would be getting new games with exclusive deals or buying good studios, like EA just did.

I think next year will be even worse, because of the games coming from Sony and Nintendo. So many triple AAA games that sell millions, that specs cant do nothing against.

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purple1019h ago(Edited 9h ago)

is this the one with the switch2 chip inside.?

this is Intels first try at the format

probs not though, as it's $799. so not good for switch actually

Huey_My_D_Long3h ago

Well thats nice considering Ive heard it consistently performs worse when it really shouldn't.

Now if only Lenovo would do the same for the legion go


Stellar Blade has sold more physical copies than Dragon's Dogma 2 in Japan, despite PS5 exclusivity

By the looks of it, PlayStation 5 exclusivity does not hurt the sales of Stellar Blade in Japan as the game has passed 90,000 sold physical copies.

Hugodastrevas10h ago

Stellar Blade really deserves way more praise than it got, devs have been adding more and more content, for free, since release and the game already was great to begin with!

BrettAwesome7h ago

More than it got? It got tons, by everyone except the sad wankers who's idea of a sex life, is pulling on their dicks while watching big fake cgi titties 😂

Cacabunga7h ago

I think we can safely claim that Stellar Blade 2 is confirmed!
I got it day one, i have some backlog due to RDR2 i just platinumed.. i will get to Stellar Blade in the near future

shinoff21836h ago

Same but I'm hitting yakuza right now. Stellar blade looks cool though.

neutralgamer19925h ago

Capcom really dropped the ball with DG2. They had easy success on their hand but instead with their stupid decisions ruined the games success

Stellar blade is an amazing game and deserves all the success. For all the artificial hate it got from people who had no interest in the game to begin with this shows if you make a good game it will sell. The so called 1st party drought from PlayStation has meant 4 exclusives in 2024 so far. Other companies need to learn how to run a business and plan for the future

H99h ago

Stellar blade is performing very impressively there, DD2 didn't do well because word of mouth destroyed it's reputation and not about the Microtransactions or performance, bad word of mouth about how the game lacks so many things that were in the first one

Redemption-647h ago

DS2 sold 2.5M in a little over a week, what the hell are you talking about?

H97h ago

"there", that's Japan, this article is about Japan, the bad word of mouth is about Japan

Hereandthere8h ago

Exclusives matter. No matter what bumbling phil and bond try to say, exclusives is why you buy a console.