'Super Mario Odyssey' is a masterpiece in every sense of the word - Deseret News

It’s rare that a video game like "Super Mario Odyssey" comes around. While some game makers and studios excel in numerous respects, they very rarely reach the heights of perfection quite like Nintendo has. By expanding on gameplay themes from "Super Mario 64" and "Super Mario Sunshine," "Odyssey" delivers an experience that calls back to Mario’s rich 30-year history while showing players what’s next for Nintendo’s mascot.

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higgins78341d ago

It's true. Just completed the main story tonight and my goodness, does this game just keep rewarding, surprising and delighting. Plus, I don't know all this talk of being easy, many of the moons/challenges have been down right difficult.

Einhander1971341d ago

Nintendo masterpiece agreed:) absolutely amazing love it.

rpgenius420341d ago

Damn this game is awesome! Seriously Nintendo great job!

shinoff2183341d ago

I've gotten through the first two world's it's ok. I honestly have always preferred the side scrolling ones. The two player option seems cheap and tacked on. I'd take the Mario's on Wii and Wii u anyday