Nintendo Switch Then vs Now: How the Game Industry Changed its Tune on the Console

The Nintendo Switch has changed public perception across the board. Though many were quietly hopeful that Nintendo's console would represent a change of pace for the legendary company following the Wii U's poor performance, few were expecting it to be as well-received as it has been.

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PhoenixUp394d ago

A lot has changed for Nintendo this year

indyman7777394d ago

I'm glad how the article said: "few were expecting it to be as well-received as it has been" instead of saying NO ONE expected it.

When people say NO ONE they are really saying themselves and all their friends. Because Many of us saw and ARGUED that it was going to be the bobm and got called delusional for it.

FullmetalRoyale394d ago

I’m glad people like you were correct about Switch. I was rooting for it to be a success, but was unwilling to be a day one adopter.
Having owned a Switch for about a month, I am a believer. I love how snappy the screenshot taking is, along with the system menus.

indyman7777388d ago

I agree FullmetalRoyale. I think it is because there is no moving part harddrive (which are slow compared to SSD, and especially compared to MicroSD). The fast memory is also why it comes up so fast, and out of sleep mode so fast and load games and checkpoints and new areas so fast.

masterfox394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

No more Zelda or Mario lol, I wonder whats left for the rest of the year and next...hmmm... no seriously whats left?, Xenoblade 2?, oh well, the future looks awesome and bright!!! :D

addictedtochaos394d ago

Xenoblade not saga. Pokémon is coming as is Metroid Prime 4.

indyman7777394d ago

More AAA games then Microsoft has had in a few years combined. As a recent article said it has a AAA game for EVERY MONTH this year. That is why they decided to not have the initial best launch ever and decided to spread things out over the first 1.5 years. By now they have even more lined up.

MegamanXXX394d ago

Nintendo Switch is awesome!! Still playing Mario!