The Xbox One X Runs The Witcher 3 At 60fps, If You Don’t Patch It

When The Witcher 3 launched for the original Xbox One back in 2015, it only ran at 900p (1600 x 900) resolution and had trouble maintaining a stable 30 frames per second. The same unpatched version of the game, running fresh from the disc, hits 60 frames per second more often than not on the Xbox One X.

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2cents339d ago

Yeah that is! But I still really want the patch. Only got half way though this game. Can't wait to finish it on the X.

butterknuckles339d ago

Same here. I really liked the game but there was soo much content I spent all my time doing the side quests and location searches until I burned out. Once it patches I'm excited to jump in again.

ULTp0ltergeist339d ago

I'll take the visual fidelity over frame rates, I trust the X will provide a smooth fps

kevnb339d ago

60 fps is so much nice than 30 in this game, well pretty much any game really.

Arnon339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

60 FPS @ 1080p > 30 FPS @ 2160p

Frame rate should always be held to a higher mark than resolution, which is not to say that resolution should go out the window, but there should be a balance between the two, usually with a minimum frame rate of 60 FPS.

Skull521339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Hopefully the patch will bring both 4K and 60fps options so people can play how they desire. Really liking that games doing this on console. I like my multiplayer at 60fps and single/coop to be as beautiful as possible. In the case of Halo 5 you get both at the same time and its awesome.

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Obscure_Observer339d ago

I´ll go with the "60fps mode" first. 60fps on an AAA open world game like the Witcher 3 is a dream of smothness! ^ ^

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Zeref339d ago

There has to be a patch where the game will prioritize framerate over resolution, seeing as it keeps 60 fps in most situations.

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WharenPeace339d ago

But the PS4 Pro ran it on 60fps a year ago.

81BX339d ago

Super dope. Enjoy your ps4 pro. I'll keep enjoying my scorpio

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dRanzer339d ago

Dont enter Novigrad your xbox one x will drop frames to 40

81BX339d ago

Played witcher 3 on base xb1. Ran fine and, I did enjoy. Thanks lil fella 😉

Krysis339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Uhhh no it did not, why would you say something so stupid. I can't believe people are agreeing with such a false statement just because you're saying it about PS4

Artemidorus339d ago

Does this make you feel better because you now own an inferior console?

guyman339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

At least the 'inferior console ' has better games.

Artemidorus339d ago

But it means you play more games on an inferior machine. So both have pros and cons

DragonDDark339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

You sound like PC master race dudes in every past gen.

I have a PC & I have consoles for exclusives(PS4/Switch). Awesome games & a decent PC that can play all XB1 Games at 1080p 60fps.(Sometimes lower)
No need for 4k BS for me.
I just need games to play.

Condemnedman339d ago

yes this is without a patch . was the pro patched Wharen?

zerocarnage339d ago

What do you want to collect a trophy for the ps4 pro, the X has only released and yet it will be able to achieve a better looking game in no time at all.

Compare the S to the pro and they're on par..

CernaML339d ago

"Compare the S to the pro and they're on par.."


Now THAT'S delusional.

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ProjectVulcan339d ago

1600 x 900 with Xbox One quality settings and it drops well below 50FPS when you go to Novigrad

My mind isn't blown. An old PC does much better.

Sitdown339d ago

But you do realize this isn't about the PC right? Likewise, you do care that nobody probably cares about your mind being blown right?

ProjectVulcan339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

This article is supposedly about how impressive 1600 x 900 with XB1 settings at (not really) 60FPS is on Xbox One X. "It's pretty impressive" the article says.

No it's not. I also provided a valid reason why it isn't.

My comment highlighted how I am totally not amazed. If the comments section isn't about airing your mind then we may as well remove it. You're free to reply to me, therefore clearly caring about my comment, or you're free to not reply. You chose to reply.

I'm quite happy if you don't care that I'm not amazed, as long as you also realise how completely not amazing it is then you will have learnt something. In the end that is a good thing.

339d ago
ProjectVulcan339d ago

I always enjoy my PC thanks Rick.

Darkstryder360339d ago

"hey, this guy has been on a PC before!"

Nobody cares.

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Father__Merrin339d ago

Is all were going to get is a different article that x1 runs this old game better?

alexh338d ago

Yer pretty much! Youll also get articles on how itll run every current and upcoming game better aswell but that doesnt bother me seeing as i own a one x :)

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