EDGE Issue 313 - Christmas 2017 Review Scores

Edge Christmas issue for 2017 review scores arrived today and they bring some interesting results. Probably the most anticipated game in the last few months, Assassin's Creed Origins got a 6/10 accompanied by the fan favorite, Golf Story, that got the same score.

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NewMonday370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

tough scores all around for games many are enjoying very much, Edge like to act too sophisticated sometimes.

Assassins Creed Origins – 6
Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – 7
Evil Within 2 – 6
Middle Earth: Shadow of War – 6

Cuphead got an 8 but this classic needs to be a 10 or 9 minimum

coolbeans369d ago

It's all about perspective, really. Since they consider 5 an 'average' rating, all those games you've listed are considered at least above-average/decent by them. And considering how the standard professional review is so often spattered with typical praises and safe grades I'll take too much sophistication any day.

"Cuphead got an 8 but this classic needs to be a 10 or 9 minimum"

That's a great score. And while I haven't gotten through much of it yet, there's mechanical issues where I can understand 7's or 8's being handed towards it. Again, 8/10 is a great score!

Obelisk92369d ago

I can agree with most of the scores, but I'm really enjoying The Evil Within 2. I'd give it a 7 at least.

Dark_Knightmare2369d ago

Origins and evil within 2 are def better than 6 and wolfenstein is goty material and way better than a 7

DARK_FOX369d ago

golf story a 5/10 are you serious lol that game is great it has an 80+ on metacritic LMFAO all these scores are wayyy off.

stefan_771369d ago

Have to agree with them on Origins

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