Star Wars Battlefront 2's Multiplayer is Fully Fleshed Out and Insanely Good | COGconnected

COGconnected: After a couple of days waist-deep in Star Wars Battlefront 2's many multiplayer modes, it's clear fans have a lot to look forward to this time around.

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Gaming4Life1981432d ago

Battlefront 2 seems to be loved by everyone, does dice ever disappoint?

_-EDMIX-_431d ago

They are a strong and trusted team. I've bought almost every DICE game for the last 10 plus years and never disappointed they do a great job

Looking forward to getting Battlefront 2 day 1!

OmnislashVer36431d ago

What did they do about the lootboxes? I saw they did something but I'm not grasping it entirely, is it still basically pay to win or not?

BenjaMan64432d ago

This sure looks tempting...