PSU Exclusive FFXIV interview with Yoshida – Patch 4.2, Eureka and future content

From PlayStation Universe: "Join us as we talk to FFXIV's Yoshida in an exclusive interview where we pose questions about future content, including patch 4.2 and Eureka."

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datriax437d ago

Awesome. The continued carrot-on-a-stick design. That's not boring and deflating to see all your progress swept away with a patch for the sake of bigger numbers. Nope, great design there Yoshida. You are truly the mastermind of game design.

Step 1. Copy everything that destroyed WoW.
Step 2. Ignore everything that made WoW appealing.
Step 3. Watch your game be populated by morons, and hardly carry it's own weight in subscriptions, while constantly trying to misdirect said morons with claims of "10 MILLION PLAYERS!!!! DURRRRRRR!"

437d ago