Super Mario Odyssey Rewards Crafty Players Who Goes Outside The Box

Super Mario Odyssey has not only been selling so well- two million copies was sold in less than three days- it's also critically acclaimed. One reason why it has been so good can be seen in this simple video.

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Great reason to buy a switch, plus Zelda. Mario kart, splatoon 2.

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roadkillers341d ago

I wrote this on another site and I'll post it here. I'm loving the Switch :)

"What I usually do when I want to try something (I did the same thing with VR). I purchase an item from Target, Walmart, or other stores that have a 90 day return policy and I purchase the game used from Gamestop. So I play the game, return it within 7 days and return the console shortly after without paying for anything. Your opinion aside on this, I did this for the Nintendo Switch except I bought Mario new (with a plan to resell it to a 3rd party game store). Well after two+ weeks with the game and the Switch, I really don't want to bring it back. 100% in my mind, the Switch and the games should be cheaper, but I am having a blast with Mario. I hear Zelda is even better... This one is going to be hard to return."

At this point I don't think it is going back.

strayanalog341d ago

That's quite the system you have setup, but that's cool to hear a positive monkey wrench held you up.