COD WWII Uses Temporal Reconstruction Technique For 4K/60 On Xbox One X

COD WWII is an interesting case on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One.

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NotSoMad1904d ago

This article is basically someone regurgitating what they heard but don't fully understand.

MagicBeanz1903d ago

Actually its someone trying to sell us an bone x, something we've been getting a lot around here lately.

1903d ago
Kiwi661903d ago

If you don't like it then why spend so much time in articles about it as no one forces you to go into Xbox articles

Chris121903d ago

Have Magicbeanz and Waqar ever been seen in the same room as they sure try hard to troll every Xbox article. At least Waqar will be banned again, shame Magicbeanz doesn't follow, at least the conversation might be a bit more adult.

itsmebryan1903d ago

I seems to be selling itself. 😚

MagicBeanz1903d ago


Maybe they dont ban people here for stating facts you dont personally like hearing. I know its sucks that we cant just have nothing but blind praise for everything xbox with no counter point whatsoever, you must be one of those freedom of speech hating types. Listen if you want nothing but mindless zombie like positive comments about xbox I'm sure theres a site for that you could go comment in.

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XiNatsuDragnel1904d ago (Edited 1904d ago )

Checkerboard 4k on Xbox 1 X

PFFT1903d ago

But at a much higher resolution and the Pro. FACT

Sunny_D1903d ago

Also Fact: Not native 4K

1903d ago
PFFT1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Also FACT still reaches a higher Resolution fidelity native or not . And has nicer looking textures to boot.

81BX1903d ago

@Sunny D.....
I'm enjoying cod ww2 on xb1x. Native or not, it looks better

1903d ago
PiCOSMOiP1902d ago


“Also Fact: Not native 4K”

Thank you for letting us know that the PS4 Pro isn’t native 4K. It’s very dynamic.

Tazzy1902d ago

I've seen Xbox fans talking about how Xbox One X is going to do native 4k with no problems and made fun of PS4PRO for doing checkerboarding and now look the Xbox One X checkerboarding. People have compared it to a high end PC but theres one very very big problem no PC games do checkerboarding lmao.

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