Is Nintendo Going All Out With the Rumored Zelda Remake for Switch?

"In recent years, many game developers have gotten frowned upon due to the amount of HD remakes hitting the market, and to a degree, HD remakes are still a little out of hand. However, The Legend of Zelda is a ‘legendary’ franchise that consists of some of the best titles in the history of gaming. We all have questions about what the future may hold with Zelda remakes; let’s flesh those questions out and go over some recent rumors." - Nintendo Enthusiast

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Lazyeye79348d ago

They should do a remake of a link to the past. A 3D remake.

wonderfulmonkeyman348d ago

Only if they include a remake of A Link Between Worlds with it that automatically starts right after you beat ALTTP, as a double pack.
Now THAT, would be cool.

But in all honesty, I would much prefer a remake of the Oracle twins.

There is soooooo much potential in those two games, especially as 3D games instead of top-down 2D.

JunMei347d ago

Why that initially seems to make sense, Link Between Worlds isn't a direct sequel. Link to the Past->Oracle of Ages/Season->Link's Awakening are all the same Link in the same timeline. Link Between Worlds is a different Link, but still in the same timeline. So I'd really like to see the whole adventure altogether.

remixx116347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

I would rather a complete from the ground remake of majoras mask with refined mechanics similar to ps4 ratchet and clank and shadow of the colossus.

Imagine seeing the moon hurling towards clocktown in an amazing graphical spectacle. I'd have to let it hit termina just once.

This still gives me goose bumps

zypher347d ago

YAS!!! And keep the music the same too!

Bleucrunch347d ago

OMG @Lazyeye79 you playing with my emotions brother....I would also say they should remake the Original:Zelda, or Link's Awakening. Go all the way back then make your way forward...dam your post just gave me goosebumps. I am currently playing a link to the past on my android tablet with my 8bitdo.....

Subzero100x347d ago

Then i guess it's a good thing people like you dont make games.

Foraoise347d ago

Links Awakening has my vote.

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FallenAngel1984348d ago

“In recent years, many game developers have gotten frowned upon due to the amount of HD remakes hitting the market, and to a degree, HD remakes are still a little out of hand.”

Why dafuq would that ever be the case? HD remakes should be celebrated. It’s really great to see titles built entirely from the ground up for modern audiences. You’d have to be crazy to frown upon that.

brettnll348d ago

There’s a lot of people that hate ports and remakes. Not sure why.

freshslicepizza348d ago

If it's a bad port I can see why. The other problem could be the lack of backwards compatability in favor of reselling games. I have no problem with games like Shadow of Collossus becaused it shows they are putting a lot of resources into it so they should sell it but it depends on how much. We all know Zelda is going to sell but is Nintendo going to push the cost up becauae they can?

The 10th Rider347d ago

Ports can be a problem. A simple port shouldn't cost $60. Also, sometimes a company is hired to make a port but then the port is given no post-launch support, meaning if any bugs are created during the porting process then they never get fixed.

remixx116347d ago

For once I actually agree with @moldy

Fully built from the ground up remakes are absolutely great. Think ratchet and clank, ff7 re and shadow of the colossus.

It's half assed r emasters that are the problem, games like phantom dust remake and shit like that.

If your just going to do a resolution bump then give people bang for their buck like master chief collection and rare replay.

BadElf347d ago

Exactly, I never understood the hatred, and I think its the majority that doesnt like them. If HD REmakes were the ONLY thing releasing, with no new titles...I could understand.

FinalFantasyFanatic346d ago

I love hd remakes, some of those games I never got to ay the first time around and they ended up become rare or super expensive as a collector's item.

CrimsonWing69348d ago

Dear god don’t make it like breath of the wild.

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Benjaminkno347d ago

How could a remake be like BotW?
Nothing is even similar to it.
It’s a great game anyway.

Subzero100x347d ago

Of course not that game is a just a slightly better version of that crap that they make for the wii.

strayanalog348d ago

If they remake one or a few let's make it interesting: do the first three or four in 3D. The first was/is notoriously hard, the second one everyone seems to forget, the third and fourth entries in 3D would just be plain interesting.‎

Benjaminkno347d ago

I loved the 2nd one which was really difficult.

Kribwalker347d ago

the 2nd one was tough. weird hybrid too. didn’t seem as much like a zelda game

wonderfulmonkeyman348d ago

Do a remake of Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, Nintendo.
A double-pack of those, in 3D like OoT or BotW [though not necessarily open-world like BotW, just styled like it graphically] would make my mind implode.

The 10th Rider347d ago

I actually kind of agree with this. Even though A Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game it'd be cool to see the handheld games updated. Because the Gameboy Advance's screen was lower resolution the handheld games don't look as good on the big screen and on top of that anyone who didn't buy handhelds didn't really have a good chance to experience the games.

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