'The Legend of Zelda' - Is A New Remake In Development?

A new 'Zelda' game might be in development.

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lptmg399d ago

would they be able to make Skyward Sword without the motion controls? that would be SUPER interesting

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Neonridr398d ago

well they could make the game and give you an option to use them or not. Obviously the Switch can offer both styles.

Xerneas398d ago

Ya I hope they will. The motion controls were unnecessary. The game is high quality, but the controls can ruin it for us that dont care about swinging a wand. The good old fashioned controller is still the best, and that probably won't change.

deafdani398d ago

I don't see why not. The biggest challenge would be the sword fighting, and I think that could be solved by using the right analog stick to handle the sword's movements, similar to how it was done in Metal Gear Rising.

The best solution would be to give players the choice to use motion controls or traditional ones; Switch has motion controls as well, so it would be awesome to take full advantage of that.

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paulust2002398d ago

Missed so many, hoping for wind waker and skyward sword. also hoping for mario galaxy as missed those to1

TallonIV398d ago

Skyward Sword I think should be top of the list for Zelda remakes.

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The story is too old to be commented.