Why the Latest Last of Us Part 2 Trailer Was Disappointing, Coming From a Last of Us Fanboy

There’s just . . . nothing

WTMG's Andrew Loeschner writes, "The purpose of a teaser trailer is ultimately to garner excitement for the game, teasing enough to intrigue you but not enough to spoil anything major. The problem is that this trailer misses that mark entirely for a whole host of reasons."

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Jinger344d ago

If you honestly think gameplay will look that good then you're on the reefer.

SlySouls344d ago

ND is the best developer there is graphics wise. Trust me, it's gonna look this good in the gameplay.

HaveSumNuts344d ago

Dont hit the weed, its laced bruh cant you tell by the stupid ass comments

ONESHOTV2343d ago

graphic with no substance how nice

obidanshinobi343d ago

Were you born yesterday or something?
It's a CGI trailer FFS.
That's bleedingly obvious.

ziggurcat343d ago


no, it's not. ND started doing real-time, in-game cutscenes on U4, they did the same thign with Lost Legacy, and they will continue doing that with TLoU2, so what we saw was an cutscene from the game, not a CGI trailer.

Critic4l_Strik3343d ago


Clearly you can't tell the difference between CGI and in-game cutscenes....

andrewsquall343d ago

@obidanshinobi Thanks for giving insane praise to Naughty Dog and PS4 yet again by MISTAKING an ingame cutscene for a super advanced CG prerendered video.
You know there are a load of you that said the same about Uncharted 4 right, even screen grabs from the game have been mistaken for CG like this one from Dealer Gaming when comparing it to Tomb Raider lol

FreddyFazbear343d ago

Look at all these Xbots who cant believe how good the graphics are thinkings its impossible for naughty dog to achieve this. They havent played Uncharted 4 and lost legacy its seems. Poor fellas, quite pathetic

mikeslemonade343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It's gonna be better than Uncharted 4 atleast. U4 shouldn't have been made. Should have started making TLoU2 after TLoU. TLoU has some of the best gameplay ever made. Still no game game has good stealth pr cr crafting like TLoU.

I mean it seems to be more going for run and gun juding from the trailer but you can't be for sure. And I was hoping that they left off right away from the first one. This seems to be a couple years after the first one.

michellelynn0976343d ago

Um no it won't. It will look amazing though. PS4 can't match up to PC no matter how bad Sony fans want it to. It just can't.

constantine_man343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Yup, NaughtyDog has never downgraded their game's graphics before. /s

Last_Boss343d ago


P.C is beyond irrelivant here it's not funny. Go back to playing Arkham Knight. Some of you on this site are worse than the Chinese spam bots with the one agree under their belts.

DivineAssault 343d ago

In game engine cut scenes dude.. Are you hating? The prequel was great and if you thing this will be worse, you dont know crap about games..

ShinMaster343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

@ Xbox Fanboys

1- You don't know the meaning of CGI.

2- You continue to mistaken in-game cutscenes with pre-rendered footage.

3- It's not everyone else' fault you guys are not used to better looking games.

strifeblade343d ago

damn so much negative sony news and positive xbox news.

xSNAKExPLISSKENx343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

pass the hate Jinger, even Uncharted 4 HDR looks THAT good, sorry your life sucks where you have to go on forums and hate on something so trivial


But But But.....My xbox X beast machine doesn't have games that look that good :( time to break out the salt.

combatcash343d ago

@xSNAKExPLISSKENx bro, I own a PS4 PRO and no uncharted does not look this good. Don't know what you're thinking. One thing about Naughty Dog games is they generally use engine for their cut scenes, but gameplay doesn't look nearly as clean as the cut scenes. Effects and physics of clothes and hair likely wont be nearly as impressive during gameplay. I hope I'm wrong because if gameplay will look like this then WOW are we in for a treat.



I have a pro too and yes it looks damn close so I don't know where you are playing a game that is so night and day different, number 2 have you played TLOU? if so then you should know damn well we are in for a treat regardless of how close the graphics are, I really don't envy the gamer who chooses graphics over gameplay, if that was the case, then despite how good it does look with the console it's on, Mario would be trash

bouzebbal343d ago

a fanboy is by no mean a fan.
just a blind lover rejecting everything, and we have the perfect example of it now.

MattE343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It won't mate, same as U4.. have a look at DF analysis of trailer/gameplay analysis

In game but with enhancements to what you would expect in gameplay

phoenix_2121342d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn looks better than Uncharted 4 imo

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MLGecko344d ago

Did TLoU, UC4 and Lost Legacy look great?

Jinger344d ago

TLoU looks like a jaggy mess now, UC4 look great but not like that reveal beach scene... lost legacy is probably the only game they put out that didn't change MUCH from reveal to gameplay

Joel_Drake2344d ago

Tlou looks good on PS4. Dunno about PS3. @Jinger

MLGecko344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

@Jinger: When you add a "but", you are editorializing. ND games look fantastic when they release. Always have.

Jinger344d ago


My original comment is that TLoU 2 will not look at as good as the trailer. You're the one not keeping on topic.

S2Killinit343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Nobody cares what you think jinger, since its irrelevant, you have no inside knowlege like the rest if us, regardless the game is going to blow minds and that is something we have come to expect so far from ND.

MLGecko343d ago

@Jinger My reply to that is, "whodafuq cares?" ND games look gorgeous when they launch on any console. To use a weak argument of "it won't look AS good as the trailer" is, just, well... weak.


leave Jinger Alone, let him be butt hurt that he is playing the same gears of war game from 15yrs ago and let's move on, When we are all playing this amazing game he will still be on here running his mouth with nobody caring to listen.


lol 120 dislikes for Jinger, dude last of us game out almost 5 years ago,and in my opinion, with its art style, still looks better than halo 5 or gears 4...imo

Shuckylad343d ago

All look good but the animation is still ps3 stiff. They seriously need to improve the movement of the playable characters.

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AspiringProGenji344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Uncharted 4 looks pretty similar to that in engine showing, and this an improved engine over U4's. If you think the game won't look near as good you are in denial, but you people need to be proven wrong time to time. happened with Infamous SS, Horizon, U4, and Driveclub. Will happen again here

Joel_Drake2344d ago

The game will look phenomenal. As good as this trailer though? I'll believe it when I see it.

Jinger344d ago

UC4 still uses different models and lighting for its scenes... there is proof of the model changing right before control is given back to you, ND just hides it very well...

AspiringProGenji344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

''there is proof of the model changing right before control is given back to you''

Then prove it!!!

Pretty sure last time I played U4 it was still pretty detailed in gameplay and even photo mode without filters showed it. And if ND ''hides it very well'' like you say, then they must do a hell of a job to make people like you here resort to conspiracies to discredit their talent

Edito343d ago


What do you understand by "Hiding very well"?

Hiding those kind of things very well is one hell of a talent and as @AspiringProGenji said they will prove again and you will star starting about the other big Sony game and waiting for them to prove again.

KickSpinFilter343d ago

That's a whole lot of excellent games.

Araragifeels 343d ago

Naughty Dog are using a new engine for TLOU2

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UCForce344d ago

What about Horizon Zero Dawn ? Do you think they look fake to you ? I'm having a blast with HZD new expansion pack. The Frozen Wilds have improved a lot from original game. Uncharted 4 is the most detail game since the first Uncharted game. I can tell the Last of Us Part 2 will be the same thing like UC 4.

masterfox344d ago

hey look everybody a user that never played a ND game. :D

Joel_Drake2343d ago

You got your had so far up your ass if you think that

psyxon343d ago ShowReplies(1)
bluefox755343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It may not look quite that good, but you and I both know it'll look better than anything to date, on any platform.

UltraNova343d ago

You can keep the salt though.

hulk_bash1987343d ago

*Looks at Uncharted 4 gameplay* Yeah, TLOU2 is gonna look that good.

drunkenspy007343d ago

You need to lay off the crack if you think that they can't pull off the graphics. This is ND, the best in the business.

C-H-E-F343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Says the guy that can't see the visual difference between the xbox one and ps4 pro but can between the ps4 pro and the xbox one x although power ratio of difference is larger between the pro and xbox one.. Hmph....

343d ago
Pancit_Canton343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Shut the **** up. You are nothing but an Xbot judging from your history. You are just salty that your precious XboneX would never be able to produced anything close to what Naughty Dog have provided with the PlayStation.


Wrong the x definitely can produce this, The issue is, There is nobody with the talent ND has on the Microsoft sidelines that can make it lmao.. Even Halo is trash now, This is coming from someone who owns an X and a pro. Sorry, as of Nov. 7th the facts are....Xbox has the power, PlayStation has the talent, wonder which matters most when we are talking about a GAME machine

BlackTar187343d ago

I agree with snake.

Precision beats power and timing beats speed.

RevXM342d ago

yeah talent is key and naughty dog are some crafty dogs with optimising and realizing clever and amazing software solutions and technology... not to mention their animation systems and performance capture that put them above just about everyone else.

we can revisit this trailer closer to the launch of the game when actual gameplay have been shown and see how it compares then. and some analysts have already confirmed it is in engine from ND as usual. no doubt it will look amazing, close to what is seen in the trailers if not just as good when the game is pieced together and tweaked for its final release build.
The first glimpses of someone actually playing a vertical slice of the game will come around the next few months Im sure so hold on to your hats.

trooper_343d ago

Coming from someone who never played a Naughty Dog game...

one2thr343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

The denial is strong with this one.

Mind you there are many more videos.

outsider1624343d ago

Say, don't you have some 4k games to play to. Why are you bothered with tlou2 graphics.? Your 4k graphic games are better than tlou2. We get it. Now run along and go play your X.


Because Gears of war 1 can only be played so many times lmao

TheDreamCorridor343d ago

That’s a cutscene that will transition into gameplay.

Xerneas343d ago

There is no humanity, logic, or heart in your comment. I don't like your reckless attitude.

Elda343d ago

With that comment you must be smoking a ton among other stuff & your eyes are clearly not focused.

MegamanXXX343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

What are you smoking?🤔 Pass me some of that good $hit. Venom and Carnage is definitely taking over Jinger

SCW1982343d ago

This is an in engine scene using the same model and assets as the in engine characters. The only differences made to the scene its self is lighting and rigging for animations exclusive to the scene. Same as what they did with Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy, but its okay to be in denial of such artistry.

ASBO-5343d ago

If you honestly believe your own words then you've never played a Naughty Dog game

rainslacker343d ago

So, Lets say the difference between the cutscene graphics and in game graphics is about the same difference we see with other ND games.

If that's the case, TLOU2 still aims to be one of the best looking games this gen.

There wasn't a hugely stark contrast between cut scenes and game play with UC4. The difference was more apparent on their PS3 games, and the remaster of TLOU, but some people act like it's going to look terrible.

ND has always improved on their graphics output with each game. Going back to their first game. Why would it be any different here? Given that UC4 is one of the best looking games so far this gen, it stands to reason that TLOU is going to raise the bar like every other ND game does when it releases.


This kid probably thinks Anthem is going to look that good Lmao! Bioware? na, Naughty dog? Oh hell yea

Ceaser9857361343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

You for sure never played ND's game so i understand your opinion.. No wonder ND's games are highest rated and very much recognized.. Yes! i can understand NOT all likes their game like personally i dislike HALO and its one of the best from Xbox.. So ya! LOU 2 gonna be awesome for sure and its gonna be GOTY 2019 , calling it now.. There are very few devs who makes games like this....

Lord_Sloth343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Honestly it isn't that hard to believe given even the opening scene to Ground Zeroes and the graphics in Uncharted: Lost Legacy. There's no reason to believe this isn't running their in game engine.

Between Uncharted 4, The Fox Engine, God of War, Detroit, Horizon, and many others this isn't really unbelievable. Just high end artists optimizing their tools and using a great wet engine.