Dragon Quest XI and More Determine Strong Results for Square Enix; NieR: Automata Still Selling Well

Dragon Quest XI, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and NieR: Automata drive strong financial results for the digital entertainment business of Square Enix.

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Relientk77345d ago

Waiting on that Dragon Quest XI Western release date

Ashlen345d ago

No doubt, i'm really looking forward to DQ XI and Little Witch Academia.

345d ago
fenome345d ago

Same here, I haven't played Dragon Quest since VIII, loved that game.

PhoenixUp345d ago

Square Enix separates Japanese sales from Asian sales for some reason

MegamanXXX345d ago

Bring on the Exclusives Square Enix

datriax345d ago

The irony of this, in that they are games published by one of the dumbest companies in gaming, that believes "mobile" is the future.

lol SquareEnix needs to just be acquired by EA, chewed up, and s**t out like the industrial excrement they are already.

345d ago
_-EDMIX-_345d ago

Their statements about mobile isn't wrong, its not saying console or PC will be gone, simply that Mobile will be big in the future and they were very much correct.

Mobile gaming ie candy crush folks- chipped away at Nintendo. DS went from 150 million to 3DS at 65 million. PSP from 80 million to PSVita at 14 million.

So....yes, mobile isn't joke, its not a fade, someone is buying that content and that install base of users is having a BIG effect on install bases as your seeing from 3DS and PSVita. You don't need to like it, stop being emotional about facts, they are not saying that to hurt you in anyway shape or form, they are simply just stating what the market is currently and they'd be stupid to NOT make mobile games, especially when all that money can be used to give you Dragon Quest XI on Switch and PS4....did you just think less money would help Square, you and me?


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