Xbox One X - Premium Done Right

Asa from Gameondaily explains why the Xbox One X stands as the best example of how to do a mid-gen upgrade

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TankCrossing378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

Why o why are there so many articles praising the Xbox One X? Are they taking the pee?

gangsta_red378d ago

Gameondaily deserves a pat on the back for this article.

377d ago
Septic377d ago

^^ This guy above has made more money than Gameondaily ever has

Skull521377d ago

Lol at the pic of the controller. Us premium users threw that thing in the trash and synced up our Elite controllers haha

mikeslemonade377d ago

Too little, too late. 2018 is the last year of this generation. Bravo for being the weakest system for the majority of the generation, and then near the finish line you bring a stronger system.

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UnHoly_One378d ago

Because it's the best games console ever made. :)

I certainly love what I've seen of mine so far. :)

Unreal01378d ago

But so is every new console?

Jinger378d ago


Except for the Switch, but Nintendo does their own thing haha

UnHoly_One378d ago

Every new console is what? The best one ever?

Um. No, definitely not.

The Switch, the Wii U, the Wii, the PS3.... I wouldn't say any of those were the best anything when they came out.

TFJWM377d ago

@Jinger "Except for the Switch, but Nintendo does their own thing haha"

It is the best portable console ever made

UnHoly_One377d ago

zackeroniii, That's funny, I could have sworn I was playing AC: Origins last night on the X and it definitely seemed like a video game to me. I'll have to look into that. I swear it was a game, though.

The X made me laugh a lot last night as well, I was laughing while marveling over how great it looks and thinking about all the pitiful Sony fanboys that are missing out because they would rather hold allegiance to Sony than think for themselves and own the best console.

IamTylerDurden1377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

As was the PS4 and PS4 Pro. Better specs are to be expected as time goes on, but in 10 yrs will we still consider xbone x the greatest console ever made? Will it be considered better than the PS2 or NES? Hell no. You know why? The games. If u are purely a specs whore u should already have a PC, where most of the xbox games can be played anyway, but if u truly want the best games xbone x is not the best console. Frozen Wilds and SM Odyssey just released btw...


Wii was gimmicky but certainly the most innovative and user friendly console of its time.

PS3 introduced blu ray and was the most "premium" console with the best visuals (Uncharted, GoW, TLoU) of its time. It also had backwards compatibility. Hmm high resolution and backwards compatibility...sounds like bragging points for a certain other console huh?

Switch is the most powerful and arguably the best portable console ever.

Wii u honestly did have better specs but it really didn't use them.

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Jinger378d ago

Because its a new console, every new console gets its share of praise and doom and gloom. MS just happened to put forward a very well done piece of hardware this round and they are getting praise for it.

DrumBeat378d ago Show
Jinger377d ago


Like i have said before, they can criticize MS' software support, I get that, but to deny that the X is a quality piece of hardware just really shows their fanboy colors. The bar has been set, and if it makes them feel better this will just make Sony come out swinging harder with PS5 with a 4k/60fps console. Competition is great like that.

MLGecko377d ago

Putting out hardware isn't their issue. All their consoles have been well done pieces of hardware.

Now software............ well.... moving on.

Jinger377d ago


Did you just say the OG Xbox One is a good piece of hardware? The one that is constantly out performed?

Trekster_Gamer377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Assassin's Creed not new??
COD WWII not new??
Forza 7 not new???
They are far and away the definitive console version!

Even games that really aren't new aka Fallout 3 look as good as most PS4 games...
Plenty of new games!
Plenty of older games that look like a new game again..
You guys say over and over no new games because you have NOTHING else...

kevnb377d ago

they also put together a marketing campaign that involves paying journalists and devs to say nice things.

IamTylerDurden1377d ago


Please stop with your conspiracy theory drivel, this thread alone disproves that "u can't praise xbox on N4G" nonsense. When MS does something worthy of praise they get praise, like the fact that Cuphead is currently console exclusive. The problem is that over the past 4 yrs Sony has had more praise worthy news/content and been the more popular console, thus they've received more adulation.

IamTylerDurden1377d ago


You are a joke if you honestly are saying that Fallout 3, not 4, but 3 on xbone x looks better than most PS4 games. Go home. That is a clownish statement and those who agree with you should be embarrassed. Horizon? Uncharted 4? Driveclub? Infamous? R&C? GT Sport? Lost Legacy? The Show? The Order? Hellblade? Shadowfall? You think Fallout 3 looks better than those games?

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spreadlove378d ago (Edited 378d ago )


Because the Xbox One X is console done right. Jump in and #FeelTruePower my friend!

freshslicepizza377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Yup. Lots of games available right away unlike the competition had for launch. It is also showing its power right away for older titles and load times and impressive upgrades over last generation titles, FOR FREE.

Zeref378d ago

Can't stand seeing Xbox One X do well?


A better question is why do you care? Do you even own a xbox?

TankCrossing377d ago

I do! My comment was actually a secret message inviting my mate Why O Why to join in the discussion, but alas he appears to have declined :(

343_Guilty_Spark378d ago

Because it’s a great piece of tech

DrumBeat378d ago

It's a good console, and it's what the PS4 Pro should have been?

timotim377d ago

Maybe because as game consoles go...its worth praising? Just a guess.

RommyReigns377d ago

Because they want people to download the 'enhanced' versions of games clocking in at around 100GB

Trekster_Gamer377d ago ShowReplies(2)
WilliamSheridan377d ago

Because overall it's a big upgrade from the base unit, adds a lot to the Xbox One family, beats out the competition, and runs quiet and cool. It's an upgrade done right...

I love my Pro, but only offered a slight res bump from base unit

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Kribwalker378d ago

loved my time with it so far. the level of detail is amazing

4Sh0w377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Sadly the delivery guys messed up my order, I have to wait until tommorrow after work to see Forza7 in all its glory.


Valkron1377d ago

You are going to love it! Did you download the updates to an external hdd yet?

Black0ut377d ago

Damn I bet you're struggling to get through the day then... lol. I hope you enjoy it when it arrives.

4Sh0w377d ago

Yeah bro, the struggle is real....pray for me.

Trekster_Gamer377d ago

Sorry your order was messed up... You are in for an awesome treat!

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Really impressed with the visual upgrades on the games I've played. Pleased that I upgraded.

Genuine-User377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

I set mine up about an hour ago. Is there a reason why we only get to use 780GB of that 1TB HD?

DaGR8JIBRALTAR377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

The internal drive is partioned for system updates so u don't get all of hd space.

MagicBeanz377d ago

220GB loss but of course no ones talking about that.

BeRealisticNow377d ago

Yeah, it’s always been like this
My 500gb One S only gave me about 375gb to use

ziggurcat377d ago

"Is there a reason why we only get to use 780GB of that 1TB HD?"

That's typical of all HDDs. It has everything to do with the math involved... 1 terabyte is 1,000,000 megabytes, but a megabyte is 1024 bytes, not just a straight 1000 bytes. So when you divide 1,000,000 by 1024, it only comes to about 976 gigabytes. So that means that about 196 gigabytes are being used for whatever (OS, and as someone mentioned, it probably reserves space for FW updates).

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Same here...assassin's creed and shadow of War receive a nice bump from the X and forza is crispy as hell.

Xerneas378d ago

True 4K became real on Tuesday! Omg this is the most amazing console ever made. The visuals are ultra beautiful. MS unleashed a killer beast in the wild.

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Trekster_Gamer377d ago

The Scorpio is a awesome piece of tech!
Forza 7
ROTTR is insanely cool
Halo 5 awesome!
Too many games too little time!

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MagicBeanz377d ago ShowReplies(1)
IamTylerDurden1377d ago

Too bad they didn't release any significant games alongside. Super Lucky's Tale is a disappointment but it's nice to get high resolution upgrades if you own a 4K TV, that's one reason why i've loved my PS4 Pro for the past year. HZD Frozen Wilds is stunning on Pro, easily the best looking console game this gen.

Dragonscale377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

Agreed with Horizon by a mile. Higher resolution doesn't always guarantee great graphics either.

Razzer378d ago

Septic likes Xbox One X? Shocking.

Jinger378d ago

You do know he didn't write the article tho, right?

Razzer377d ago

lol.....I was kidding either way.

DrumBeat377d ago

And you're here all worked up over it. Even higher voltage.

Black0ut377d ago

Nah he was just joking bro! /s

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