Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 ships 400,000 copies on Switch worldwide

NE: "Like most companies as of late, Bandai Namco has reported its latest financial results. The company provided an update on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s sales as part of that. By September 30, the game has shipped 300,000 copies on Switch worldwide. Bandai Namco says that number has increased to 400,000 units overall."

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corroios341d ago

Very good number. Good for them.

DJK1NG_Gaming341d ago

I did my part. Over 200 hours in.

LegoIsAwesome341d ago

Good. Now please release DB Xeno 2 Complete edition english version in all platforms.

Prince_TFK341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Cool. Anyway where are the people that say Nintendo owners don’t buy 3rd party games?

Septic341d ago

Haha yeah. Somewhere in the shadows with eggs on their faces

341d ago
tehpees3341d ago (Edited 341d ago )


The problem is while it has elements of truth on their consoles (though there ARE games that have been successful on Gamecube and Wii) it has never been the case with their handhelds. It isn't a case of maybe because Switch has once again carried over Nintendo's handheld dominance.

Third party support has never been an issue on their handhelds. That is why many asked them to go handheld only years ago. Backing from companies like EA and Activision are a maybe because they have never found the success they hope to get on handhelds but in regards to Japanese and Indie support nothing has changed.

Switch was after the handheld audience. It was obvious to many people after the Switch presentation after all the Japanese games they showed. People just want to carry on the Wii U but its obvious at this point Wii U was a victim of branding and marketing.

In reality third party support for Switch in it's first 8 months has been better than DS and 3DS were in their first 8 months.

InKnight7s341d ago

Enough said no anime game can do this except Dragon Ball its not about any console.

Prince_TFK341d ago

So we have gone from Nintendo gamer don’t buy third party games to “x” game sells because it is “x” game? Lol. I wonder what’s next. Some of you here are so creative with this.

InKnight7s340d ago

Lol frontline Nintendo defensive fanboy at DB I dont care about any console. Go and fight over anything you want but this is a fact Dragon Ball is the only anime game can sell and resells very well. So sensitive fanboys.

Sgt_Slaughter340d ago

Naruto has multiple titles because it sells well, One Piece has multiple games because it sells well, Persona, Tales of, countless titles in Japan, etc.

Since when did Anime mean bad sales? If the games is great, it will sell.

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