Square Enix Won’t Rule Out Any IPs, Including New, Active, And Inactive, For Nintendo Switch

Square Enix had its financial results briefing, where they had a lot to share about Nintendo Switch support, including plans to “aggressively” work on mid-ranged titles for the platform.

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Neonridr345d ago

Sounds like SE is going to go all out on the Switch. KH3 please.

michellelynn0976344d ago

I hope so. KH3 would be epic.

344d ago
OmnislashVer36344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Please no, just put the effort towards Pro support. Look at how bad Sonic Forces turned out on Switch when it looks like a dream on other consoles.

Neonridr344d ago

yeah, no thanks. Pro support does nothing for their bottom line. Which is money. Which is what they care about most.

GameBoyColor344d ago

sonic forces also is a trash game on other consoles lol

OmnislashVer36344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


As if Square-Enix doesn't make enough money. Shouldn't the bottom line be quality? Or are you just too much of a fanboy to admit otherwise? Sounds like you'd support pay-to-win over a quality game with your backwards mindset. Makes them money, right?

344d ago
OmnislashVer36344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

The game isn't having issues on my Pro, now you're just making shit up. The game is horrid on Switch and you know it. Fanboys will go to any length to defend a shit product, even putting down flawless performance on another system. Get real.

And Pro support is far, far less work than what is required for Switch. Rebuilding KH3 for Switch is taking away from PS4 support, which will sell the most and was the system it was first announced on. That's not common sense business or otherwise.

wonderfulmonkeyman344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Just. Stop.

You'll get your Pro versions regardless of what the Switch gets, so it doesn't matter if Squeenix puts some emphasis on Switch.
Many of their games would fit perfectly fine and be great in quality on Switch. Just because a select few wouldn't fit easily doesn't mean they wouldn't fit at all or look/play fine with the right amount of optimization.

The Switch is selling enough to justify their effort, now, so quit complaining and go play on a system you like, instead of spending time here whining at Squeenix for supporting a console you don't like.
It doesn't make you look very good.

Also, all games that are on the PS4 Pro, are also able to play on the less-capable vanilla PS4, yet I don't see you complaining about THAT.
Which suggests to me that it's not so much the "power lowers quality" argument that bothers you, but rather than Squeenix is focusing on a Nintendo console.
Loosen the strap on that tin-foil console war helmet.

wonderfulmonkeyman344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

"As if Square-Enix doesn't make enough money. Shouldn't the bottom line be quality? Or are you just too much of a fanboy to admit otherwise? Sounds like you'd support pay-to-win over a quality game with your backwards mindset. Makes them money, right?"

So argue for a PC-only focus, then, since THAT is where the power would make the quality of their games shine brightest when properly optimized.
Or an XBX focus, if we're talking consoles, since the whole "power = quality" thing is what you're aiming for.
Or barring all that, go convince Sony to drop the vanilla PS4 support in favor of the Pro, since you care about power and quality so much.

Otherwise you're just proving that you're disingenuous about the whole "quality" and "power" arguments, and that you are only trying to get Squeenix to focus solely on Sony.
Which makes YOU the fanboy. Not Neon.

Whether the games are multiplat or exclusive, it's good for Squeenix to bring games to Switch alongside their projects on other consoles.
It spreads their business to more gamers and gets Squeenix more money in the long run, something you're obviously downplaying the importance of for any version other than those that hit Sony consoles.

The sales from just the Sony fanbase cannot, and will not, be able to support Squeenix on their own.
Having more games land on the Switch, and on more hardware in general, is not a negative.
It's a positive, from anyone with even the smallest clue about business.

And since you're not going to buy the Switch versions anyways, it's none of your business, because you aren't a stock holder in Squeenix.
And if you are, well, sell your stock in protest of Switch versions of Squeenix games, then.
I'm sure there are plenty who will pick those stocks up when you let them drop for such a petty reason.

Also, quit pretending that efforts on PS4 versions would be affected in any overly negative fashion by a Switch version, let alone pretending that you understand how much work it would or would not be for Squeenix if they properly optimized the games.
You're no more privvy to that information than anyone else here; you're just saying it because you hate the Switch and don't want to see third parties put any focus on it whatsoever.

Big_Game_Hunters344d ago

If you really cared that much about graphics you would be pushing for PC version of KH3. Or even The XboxoneX version of the game if you think it should stay on consoles , but no., you are just biased towards the system you have. Don't forget you just said quality over sales for the bottom line, so don't come at me with PS4 install base as an argument.

tehpees3344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


Tell me, if this was being offered to Vita instead would you back Sqaure Enix on their stance? I get the impression you just want everything to be focused around Sony.

In regards to your comment about Kingdom Hearts taking away development from PS4 could you please DO YOUR RESEARCH!? Porting is either outsourced to other companies or is done by smaller teams within the company. Stop making up excuses. You sound like the people bashing 3DS development and Wii U ports. Neither eat into plans companies have for the systems.

Kingdom Hearts 3 getting on Switch would effect nothing about PS4. Fact.

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strayanalog345d ago

Mario RPG 2. Make it happen. Kingdom Hearts trilogy. We need this too.

_-EDMIX-_344d ago

Who knows, they've yet to even ports the collection over

iofhua344d ago

That's the first thing I was thinking. I want a TRUE sequel to Super Mario RPG! Not another paper mario title!

EddieNX 345d ago

All third parties are taking notice and saying good things about Switch. This week in particular has had many third parties gushing about their game sales on Switch and that they plan to support it.

Neonridr344d ago

we are starting to see them all take notice of the Switch. Funny how many are scrambling now to get something onto the system.

EddieNX 344d ago

Next year is gunna have way more third party announcements than this year!

_-EDMIX-_344d ago

"many are scrambling now to get something onto the system"

Many did with Wii and Wii U, will they sell well? That is the only real test regarding this. If they can't make money, you'll simply see the same reaction you saw from Wii U.

Neonridr344d ago

@EDMIX - difference is the Switch isn't for casuals like the Wii was. And with the Wii U it's completely the opposite. Most devs came out guns blazing on that thing, but sales were terrible so they all backed off. Here we are seeing devs who were taking a wait and see approach. Saw that the Switch is a hit and is going to do very well sales wise, and now are trying to figure out how they get a piece of the pie.

Kikutaro343d ago

I love how he ignored about third party games and their software sales on the 3ds and nds,because the last time it happened the ps4 version surely outsold the 3ds version

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lptmg345d ago

bring back Gex goddammit

_-EDMIX-_344d ago

LOL! Was JUST talking about this game the other day

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