Activision: Record Numbers for COD WWII, $500M in First Three Days, 2X Units over Last Year

Activision announced in a press release that Call of Duty: WWII set a new record for sales in the franchise, with $500 million in just three days.

The game surpassed the openings of Wonder Woman and Thor: Ragnarok combined.

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freshslicepizza1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Yet people think lootboxes matter?

KaiPow1915d ago

The MP lootboxes feel inconsequential in WWII. Zombies, on the other hand...

UltraNova1915d ago

No moldy they apparantly dont matter to people who buy CoD, the same damn game year after year. Thats the damn problem to begin with.

Kornholic1915d ago

Why should the lootboxes matter here? They offer cosmetic-only rewards just like in Overwatch.

81BX1915d ago

In general... You probably shouldn't comment if you don't know what you're talking about.

Unspoken1915d ago

Nope, only exclusives matter, not games like this.

UltraNova1915d ago

Wow lots of CoD fans here, quick take cover!

morganfell1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Moldy should be complaining about REQ packs in HALO 5. Of course that is a Microsoft Product so he isn't going to complain. H5 REQ packs are an implementation that is specifically designed to grant Multiplayer advantages through a pay system. Its why HALO 5 moves faster. One you die you lose the REQ pack you had just activated. Rapid deaths mean people purchase REQ packs for the advantage it grants in Multiplayer and it isn't cosmetic. Also, you do not know exactly what you will get. "One Legendary and One Rare item" is an example. Loot boxes in SP is one matter. Loot boxes that grant cosmetic changes is one matter. Multiplayer where it grants a specific advantage that is more than cosmetic is a whole other issue.

And yeah I like COD when it stays in COD. When I cannot stand it is when other games feel the need to change their format to imitate COD.

DialgaMarine1914d ago

As far as I know, while there’s is a loot box system, there’s no microtransactions. Plus, the game hands out loot boxes like their freakin candy.

zackeroniii1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

moldybread dont mind this dummy ultranova as i'll say over and over again every single shooter is the same thing every release. battlefield is the same crap every OTHER year, like what really has changed from bf3 to bf4 to bf hardline (LoL) to bf1? absolutlely nothing but just cause hating call of duty is the cool thing to do people are gonna used the same weakass argument about it being the same when thats in fact every shooter is... look at destiny and even battlefront. its okay to be mad that call of duty is beating up your favorite shooter every year keep the hate coming haters like UltaNova is the reason CoD is getting their act straight and making a comeback starting this year...even tho it never does novas salty tears taste?

oh and people saying cod never changed when they have boots on the ground to jetpacking and advanced movement back to boots on the ground?? thats sounds like change to me where battlefield is the same thing every OTHER year...stop being a blinded hater.

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Lonnie181914d ago

"Activision just announced that Call of Duty WWII has surpassed more than $500 million in sell-through worldwide in its first three days of release, topping the popular theatrical box office openings of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok and DC’s Wonder Woman combined, according to company estimates shared via press release."
Yes impressive but false, as Thor did like 440mil first 3 days worldwide not including Winder Women. They say worldwide for COD but only domestic for Thor and Wonder Women!

Relientk771915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

I'm having a blast with the campaign and multiplayer. Glad to see boots on the ground again, and not that jetpack, wall running, and jumping around like jack rabbits crap.

Alexious1915d ago

That's good news, looking to play the game myself later today on the Xbox One X.

81BX1915d ago

The detail is excellent. Haven't played the story but the MP looks great!

1914d ago
Father__Merrin1915d ago

I agree the jetpack etc was ok for a one off game like advanced warfare but two more games after that still using the same was a horrible idea.

Having said that infinite warfare is my second most played cod behind the COD4

Relientk771915d ago

The Advanced Warfare campaign was amazing, and the multiplayer was pretty good, but yeah definitely did not want 2 more years of it.

AnubisG1915d ago

People wanted WW2 setting. We got it, Actvision got rewarded.

Now, if they listened to us more, they would make even morey money.

Listeing to your customers get's you rewarded, big time.

WaqarYounis181915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Glad Sony partnered with Activision and pissed off the xbox fanboys. Poor xbox fanboys' wish of COD's demise will remain just that, a wish and no amount of 'rioting' will change that. 😂😂

May this partnership continue to grow and prosper. Keep it up Sony.

Chaosdreams1915d ago

Clearly morons exist on every platform.

Goldby1915d ago


honestly cut the fanboy crap out of your comments, you are getting really annoying

1915d ago
Father__Merrin1914d ago

I have to agree his comments are very bad

81BX1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

You sir, are brilliant!

1915d ago
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Enjoigamin1915d ago

I don't see and pissed off xbox fanboys in take your meds this morning?

1915d ago
NeoGamer2321914d ago

I still think not re-signing to help market CoD was one of the best things Microsoft has done this generation.

I did the first chapter of the campaign last night on my new Scopio Limited Edition XBox in 4K. I found it good but not great. The whole QTE thumbstick then button push mechanic is stupid near the end of the first chapter.

I will play multi-player for sure, but don't see this as a great game. It is "just another CoD".

I find it funny though that it is marketed with Sony, but the Xbox One X edition has the best visual experience for consoles.

1914d ago
NeoGamer2321914d ago

I laugh so much at your funny comments.

PS4 install base 65 million. XBOne install base 30 million... If it doesn't sell more on PS4 there is something seriously wrong.

The same thing can be said about DLC being 30 days early. No matter how hard sony fanboys try to convince themselves, differences aren't massive.

PlayableGamez-1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Prepare to get flagged

Max-Zorin1914d ago

Sony fanboy home training at it's finest.

1914d ago
FallenAngel19841914d ago

Wow the petty fanboyism going on in that comment

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KillZallthebeast1915d ago

Well the game actually looks great and ww2 has been absent for almost an entire generation. I would of been surprised if it didn't do extremely well.