Battlegrounds Passes 20 Million Copies Sold

Battlegrounds is smashing through records since it’s release back in March and now recent news from Brendan (Player Unknown) Greenes Twitter is that Battegrounds has surpassed the 20 million copies sold mark. Two months ago Battlegrounds took first place on the Steam Concurrent players charts, moving ahead of the titan Dota 2 with a player [...]

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gutteranthems1789d ago

Very impressive for an early access game.

NoPeace_Walker1788d ago

Looking forward to playing this on 12/12 on my X.

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MegamanXXX1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Congrats to Steam and Bluehole. This also let people know there's a lot of PC gamers out there and it's not a niche market anymore. It's constantly growing

BLKxSEPTEMBER1788d ago (Edited 1788d ago )

Can't wait for this to be released on my 1X. I've always wanted to play this game but I refuse to upgrade my PC and I hate M&KB.

ZeroX98761788d ago

you could always play with a controller on PC if you wanted to. You'll get destroyed by KB+M users though....

I know they were considering cross-play at some point. Seeing how fast PC gamers can be (Shroud from cloud 9!), I'm hoping for separate lobbies if cross-play is still in the making.


I only have a 7950 gpu and I'm not interested in upgrading or gaming on PC. I never really have been into PC gaming it's just not for me. I do have maybe 60 games on steam but mostly older stuff like Castlevania, Dark souls2 etc. I like my shooters on console always have always will.

meka26111787d ago

Well with the keyboard and mouse vs controller argument I think both have their merits. Mouse and keyboard are awesome for aiming, it's just much easier. But for other functions a controller is better, I know how to type but always have trouble jumping to other keys for weapon selection and the like, on that controllers win. So both have merits.

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