Best Buy Early Black Friday Game Sale

Best Buy has made some of its Black Friday deals available now for a limited time. So if you're interested in these games and accessories and don't wish to wait until Black Friday, make sure you check out the deals listed below.

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Relientk77346d ago

Wow, Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted The Lost Legacy are both steals at $20 and even cheaper if you have the Gamer's Club

Neonridr346d ago

absolutely. No brainers at those prices.

Ashlen346d ago

Yea, I got Lost Legacy for $15.

strayanalog346d ago

It's not listed, obviously, but 128gb sd cards are on sale for $29.99, Switch owners.

arkard346d ago

This is why GCU is amazing. These games are great at 20$ let alone an extra 20% off. Can't wait to get back into Horizon!

MikePWV346d ago

GCU doesn't work on Black Friday anymore.

arkard346d ago

Worked today and these are black Friday prices. 364 other days in a year for GCU to work,including cyber Monday when the deals will basically be the same.

DivineAssault 346d ago

ill grab that 128gb micro sd card as an extra for the switch.. Dont really need anything else though ;(

Blu3_Berry346d ago

damn i may have to buy that 4TB external harddrive for my ps4. That's a steal.

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