Is The Xbox One X Where Greatness Awaits

On this episode of the PlayStation Podcast Joseph and Sean got an early hands on with the Xbox One X. Microsoft's own Phil Spencer, on his company's renewed commitment to new software. Why a Sony Fanboy wants, Microsoft to succeed. The guys also tackle the Last of Us Two controversy, and the fact that Sony's Trophies just got a whole lot better.

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Septic345d ago

Xbox One X is a great example oh how to do a mid gen refresh. In that regard it's easily top of the game.

But hardware is less than half the story. To attain greatness, Xbox needs compelling software to compliment the hardware.

Xbox has not attained greatness. In future though it might

UltraNova345d ago

A 'great example' would be something that can be repeated. A 4x power increase will be imposible to repeat going forward (do you expect a 16tfl Ps5 in 2019-20 or a 24tfl xb2 in 2021-22?).

That said, the new xbox is indeed the best console hardware out now but xbox as a whole is far from achiving greatness, not as long as its main selling point is old games and 3rd party IPs that are also available everywhere else.

bluefox755344d ago

That's a great point that I hadn't considered. The jump in power between Pro and Sony's next console is going to be significantly higher than the jump in Xbox's next console, i.e. bigger reason for people to upgrade. Combine that with a much stronger software library, Sony is poised to shoot to the top yet again with PS5.

UltraNova344d ago


The power crown doesn't matter as long as you release first and have the support(games) required to power through a gen. Sony with the Pro has positioned themselves perfectly to be first out going forward; from 2016 (post Pro) they have full control over console release cycle, unless MS releases the new xbox at the same time with the ps5 in 2019/20. In that case I'd very much like to see how xb1x onwers react to that.

mcstorm344d ago

It also depends on what Sony and Microsoft do with the next gen.

If Sony make a new gen console that wont play ps4 games then this could hurt them where Microsoft have already said they want every Xbox going forward to play the past games and a big reason why we see 360 and Xbox games coming to the one.

We are in the unknown at the moment as we don't know how well the pro is selling and we will also not know how well the X will sell but that said Microsoft are moving forward and putting the wrongs with the one behind them and now need to bring the exclusives but bring pc and xbox closer is a great move by them as it looks like the xbox brand will become a service.

Sony have done amazing this gen but also made some mistakes I think VR is going to be one of them and I also don't think the pro was a great move as there did not seem to be any hype behind it like the X has go but again we don't know the sales numbers for it.

As it stands though all 3 look like they are doing great and for me that's what I want to see.

UltraNova344d ago (Edited 344d ago )


Good points. But let me ask this, did Sony need to push the Pro as badly as MS needed to push the X?

Food for thought...

andrewsquall344d ago

No, I expect a next gen PS5 with GDDR6 architecture and a new CPU later lol.

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Bigpappy345d ago

So a device cant be great and because it plays all 3rd party games much better? Nonsense!

Septic344d ago

Well I'm not saying the console.isnt great. But here, the term Greatness means a lot more than just great hardware. The term for me means when you've reached a high level of great hardware and software, particularly in terms of exclusives.

Each to their own though

JackBNimble344d ago

You guys are chest thumping over higher resolution, faster load times and if you are lucky maybe 60 fps on some games.
1080p isn't trash and if higher resolution is really the only selling point, then I question the true purpose of this $500 mid gen upgrade because MS is going to need more than that.

rainslacker343d ago

The term greatness awaits has always referred to the games. The whole idea of the campaign was always focused on games, and hardware was mostly not talked about outside of some interviews and tech discussions. All the marketing is about the games.

LP-Eleven344d ago

To me, the top of the game should also include top of the line "games" to go along with your system (games that can only be found on said system). When i saw The Last Of Us Part II, for example, I knew what system was on top, despite what the specs say.

The Xbox One X will remain a great multiplatform machine, but for many PC users like myself, that's all it will ever be. I'd like to see what they could with it if it were to have a game built surrounded it's specs, but Microsoft has said this isn't happening.

TFJWM344d ago

The "Beast" isn't "Greatness"?

S2Killinit344d ago

Nope its just a newer console with a bad history of not catering what is expected from a “gaming” console. But... advertisement seems to go a long way.

TFJWM344d ago

@S2Killinit I am not getting it because I have a solid+ PC but I am not sure what your commment even means

S2Killinit344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Im not sure why people act like this console is any different from any ither console reboot, its one year newer than the last one and its that much improved, nothing else. As we are seeing the games look comparable.

As far as greatness, if you have to ask, this late into the generation, the answer is a resounding “No”

bluefox755344d ago

I've been thinking the same thing. I keep hearing "It's the most powerful console ever". Well, of course it is. Almost every new console that comes out is the most powerful console ever. Before it was Pro, and before that it was PS4. Next it will be PS5. Console upgrades are business as usual, including the X. The real issue is the software, as it's constantly changing and a bit less predictable.

tontontam0344d ago

So we can say that pc have perfect mid gen upgrades.

Eiyuuou344d ago

I hope they'll change that 'might' into a 'will'.

Markusb33344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

You will definitely be waiting if it's greatness you want in the software

So it definitely awaits, tomorrow never comes.

Rude-ro344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

Third console upgrade this gen septic. It is a joke to downplay that fact.

Rude-ro344d ago

Fixed; third console, second upgrade.

TrollityTroll344d ago

You’de have thought with the power of the cloud (which you’ve so staunchly defended in the past) they wouldn’t have needed to release more powerful hardware ... unless it was another carrot like so much else.
“Just wait guys, NEXT year will be great”.
I still remember the 16 E3 and “All Sony games are too far away or have no release dates, we’ll be playing our games within a year” ... then 17 E3, same games, same comments.
All I’ve heard this entire generation is “Wait for ...”

DivineAssault 343d ago

I agree.. Nice machine but it needs the right support 1st.. No way im giving them $500 plus HDD plus accessories plus xblg until they earn it from me..

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ninsigma345d ago

It's a great machine, no doubt. Going with the architecture that Sony used in the PS4 was smart and increasing the ram was definitely a good move, that's why it's possible to get higher res textures in games running on XBO X. However, the lineup is still the same uninteresting lineup as the base console, so no I would not say the X is where greatness awaits.

TankCrossing345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Are you referring to the x86-64 architecture that the PS4 and Xbox One used, or are you referring to the unified GDDR memory pool that was used so effectively on the,... Xbox 360?

Septic344d ago

So basically it was a smart move by MS to use the same unified pool like it did with the 360 which Sony then copied? Have I got that right ?

ninsigma344d ago

No. It was smart of them to use unified pool of GDDR 5...just like Sony.

andrewsquall344d ago

Clearly he is talking about the next gen GDDR5 architecture that the PS4 went with and not that HORRIBLE eSRAM bottleneck that the Xbone banked on.

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Bigpappy345d ago

Unified RAM was used in every single Xbox ever made. The difference here, is the dropped the esRAM which was like cache to increase bus speed. The Problem with PS3 is that Sony did not use unified RAM and that add to difficulty in development for many developers.

badz149344d ago

Sony had to separate the RAM on the PS3. they had no choice because the GDDR3 was simply not fast enough - both in speed and bandwidth, to accommodate the CELL, so they used the faster XDR RAM instead. The earlier design of the PS3 didn't even include the RSX GPU because the CELL is said to be capable to handle GPU task on its own but alas, it was not a viable solution and the RSX which was weaker than the 360 GPU was put in instead. earlier games on the PS3 was inferior to its 360 counterparts because devs only used the RSX which was weak. games started to look better when devs started to offload graphical calculations from the RSX to the superfast and streamlined CELL instead.

GDDR5 is faster though but the company that made XDR RAM has announced XRD2 which is said to have double the bandwidth of GDDR5 at full speed.

Apocalypse Shadow345d ago

What? I didn't know that Microsoft somehow acquired multiple AAA studios and produced many titles in the last minutes leading up to Xbox one x launch. That's amazing./S

Let's not get Sony's phrase twisted with Microsoft.

freshslicepizza345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

It's also 4theplayers with its consumer friendly advances in crossplay features, play anywhere support and digital returns. But of course you want to focus on a few big titles per year like Horizon while ignore the dozens and dozens of other games that are just as popular or even more popular like Destiny, Star Wars, Battlefront, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and so on where they now have the best console to play them on.

Then you have pretty spectacular upgrades like Oblivion and many other Xbox 360 titles that get FREE upgrades while you guys get PS2 remasters like Destroy All Humans for $20.

345d ago
george957344d ago

Damn! that's one crazy line up and i dont see any reason why the PS4 wont cross 90 mil by the end of 2018 and should cross 100 mil sales by 2019 or so...

TheVetOfGaming344d ago

More than a few, and Xbox struggles to get a few. You did make a few points though.

SurgicalMenace344d ago

You are aware the multiplatform games are for the masses, while exclusive are for the loyalists. Now before you go thinking my statement is a compliment to this 3rd party nonsense, the average IQ is only 28 points over 70 making the masses a notch above morons. So to appeal to the masses with only 3rd party games is treating them as such, it would be more beneficial to focus attentions on that which unique and exclusive. Gaming is art, not to be reduced to the mindless games that often populate the 3rd party market. Brag that you have the best looking above average experience all day, perhaps the native 4k will assist you in seeing this. Btw, if it takes 4k to get you to play amazing experiences such as Dark Cloud 2, Rogue Galaxy, Jak and Daxter, Psychonauts, etc then you're not playing for enjoyment. Please also remember, that those PS2 remasters are the same games that were exclusive then. If I remember correctly, PS2 handed it to Xbox the same as PS4 is today. Worth the price of admission.

notachance344d ago

lol, argue all you want but we all know when neutral gamers have to choose between the two, which one they'll choose.

XB1X is only for either rich multiple console owners or XB loyalist, simple gamers who don't give a fuck about this imaginary war you're fighting will just buy both base PS4 and XB1S if they have $500.

Markusb33344d ago

I would love to know who all these people are eager to play games from years ago. This isn't dr who time moves forward and your always let down and frustrated with controls or camera angles. You never quite catch the nostalgic feel.

j15reed344d ago

Why don't people understand as far as devs go the cards are stacked against MS (yes they need to step up 1st party but they are). Besides the 3rd party devs who just sell content not whole games to a platform take a look at ImTrumPeach list you have 5 Sony 1st party games the rest are home country we don't like Xbox games. Just think if western devs did that this board would be full of people crying foul, if you want to talk about games at least put the ones up Sony has some kind of hand in.

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Hardiman345d ago

I get it it's more powerful and it's main selling point is third party titles look better but I have a capable 4K tv and third party titles look amazing on the Pro. So for me it's a wash as I'm happy with amazing. I don't care how devs make a game look good as long as it does. I have a 4K tv I'm not in a 4K cult where everything better be native or else. They need to get serious about first party software. That would go a long way with me.

Aceman18344d ago

Nail on the head right here. The games will still look great no matter which system it is on.

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