Telltale Games Lays Off 25 Percent of Staff as Part of Company Restructure

Telltale Games' already announced projects will not be affected by the company restructure.

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-Foxtrot398d ago

Unfortunate but I saw this coming. All these guys do it latch off successful franchises with cult/huge followings already behind them. They've never done anything original and by that I mean something from a brand new original world, something that's their own. They just kept churning them out...same gameplay, different skin.

Point, click, repeat. At least people like David Cage with Quantic Dreams try and actually evolve the genre someway. I remember the high praise reviewers gave the first Walking Dead game yet some of the points they praised with the Walking Dead they criticized Heavy Rain for years the end Walking Dead went on to win GOTY, God knows how.

freshslicepizza398d ago

Quantic Dreams would also be struggling if they didn't have the shelter of Sony at their side. The fact is millions is needed just for marketing for a lot of games.

People think this industry is easy to strike it rich but very few games are successful compared to the amount that aren't.

gamer1138397d ago

First got to disagree of Walking Dead criticism. While it carries the Walking Dead name, the game stories are pretty much original. Their Walking Dead season 1 made me feel way more than other games have done or even the walking dead TV show has!


I think the problem is they took on too many popular IPs and not all the games they have produced have been successful. They should concentrate on fewer IP and try to evolve the gameplay.

My personal thing with David Cage is I don't really rate him as a writer. I think his vision is great but his writing is underwhelming. He would do better to try and attract some film and TV talent to Quantic.

-Foxtrot397d ago

If it didn't have Walking Dead in the title and was called something new/generic then it wouldn't have as well...this was at the time when the WD popularity was going through the roof.

You got a better experience and story in games like Last of Us, Uncharted, Bioshock and the like yet those were full on playable AAA games.

lptmg397d ago

hopefully this will allow them to focus on developing a new engine that makes their games look, feel and play like something from after 2008