Killzone 2 Beta Invites Being Sent to US PS Underground members

A member of US Playstation Underground posted at NeoGAF that he has just received his Killzone 2 Beta invite.

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Megaton4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

I just got one, nearly shat my pants. Downloading in anticipation now.

TheHater4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

hope I get one
edit: Are you from Europe or form the State?

Winter47th4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

Spread the word, have as many players as possible enjoy this masterpiece.

Marceles4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

P.S. uh...wanna share? :)

Megaton4805d ago

Nice catch Marceles. lol @ Tranny Surprise.

Where did you hear it's sharable? I didn't see that in the email I received.

MrWonderful4805d ago

I seen that it was sharable on a post in another killzone story on here

Marceles4805d ago

It's shareable as in, you won't get booted for 24 hours for sharing it after 5 people use it, but Sony never advertises sharing anything. Code sharing is alot less risky, but account info with your email and password is overboard. But honestly you can still be banned from sharing your code, so only share it only if you don't care (which obviously won't be the case if you're sane) or you're willing to risk not playing if you want your buddies to hop in a game with you.

MUGEN4805d ago

PM me if anyone wants to trade a killzone 2 beta code for 1 or 2 little big planet beta code/s.

mikeslemonade4805d ago

This is BS I'm in the G.A.P, the Underground, the RLS, and I also tied my PSN name to the Underground and I still don't have it.

Cenobia4805d ago

I don't understand how Playstation Underground even works. The only thing I've ever gotten from them is junk mail. For example, every week I get a list of whats on the PS Store, and I just got a reminder that buying R2 early gets me in the beta.

What do you have to do to get invites like this? Just luck?

morganfell4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

People that hate Sony are not being allowed in. Especially those that have made a career on N4G of being anti-Sony.

Megaton4805d ago

I'm in G.A.P, but I've only been a member for a few months. Don't know if there's any particular criteria other than just being a PS Underground member. My PS3 is registered at the site and I have the first Killzone listed among my PS2 games, if that counts for anything (but I doubt it does). Probably just a purely random draw.

Just played a 32-man match. Really fun.

Oh and to the people PMing me, sorry guys, my account info goes to no one, not even the people I know in person. If the code itself is in-fact sharable, I have enough real-life friends who own PS3's and would love it. I'm sure you'd do the same.

mikeslemonade4805d ago

How much better does this game look better than COD4? Don't go "way better". I want details!

IzKyD13314805d ago

lmfao tranny surprise....looks like the guy who posted the pic on neogaf is a freak.....

Megaton4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )

1.16 - The graphics are noticeably better than Call of Duty 4, or any other current console game for that matter, to put it simply. I'd get more specific but the NDA police would come and take my PS3 away.

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DNAgent4805d ago

It doesn't seem like they would be sending invites around this time.

In any case, i'm not hyped at all for this game seeing as how the last game was a flop. This one only showed that it has better graphics but the gameplay looks the same for the most part. I think I will just buy Resistance 2 for my FPS game.

Panthers4805d ago

I dont know what your seeing. This game looks awesome. Gameplay seems tight and on par with the best shooters out there.

Frnicatr4805d ago

The last game was a flop? o_O
How do you figure?

juuken4805d ago

The last one wasn't a flop. The last one had a smaller development team, and didn't live up to the hype. That doesn't mean the game sucked. Now that Sony is working with Guerrilla on this one, I think it's going to kick ass.

jonnyfivealive4805d ago

I wish I could judge your opinion but seeing as I never played one but I wouldn't expect it to play the same because to me it seems like they made this game from scratch and put back things in the game that worked in one and changing things that didn't work in one and made it look extra awesome

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Jamegohanssj54805d ago

Once again James The GAP member for 2 years has been shot down again!


TheTimeDoctor4805d ago

they may not have a beta code for you, but Sony has offered you a complimentary box of tissues. enjoy!

Fanboy Slaughter4805d ago

On the G.A.P. anyway, but I did get in the Home Beta...Last May with the first wave.

Got 2 LBP codes also, so when this one's up on the 12th, I got one more go around.

Jamegohanssj54805d ago

Yeah, well I won't need those tissues as I will be cool about it.