Super Mario Odyssey Continues the Series’ Struggles with Gender Politics

Nicole Hunter writes: "My first few hours with Super Mario Odyssey were really uncomfortable. In the first few minutes of the game, when Peach is being kidnapped by Bowser, he taunts Mario by saying, “Are you jealous?” My skin crawled when I heard that. The suggestion was, Mario would be going on his Odyssey because, yeah. He was jealous. Essentially, the rest of the game would be spent elaborately competing with Bowser to “win the girl.” This took the usually innocuous reasons I associate with Mario’s antics and put them into question."

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MrSwankSinatra372d ago

Lmaoooooooooo, i love you internet i always get a good laugh out of BS like this. Toxic Masculinity in a Mario game??? LMAOOOOOOOO.

ChasterMief371d ago

Maybe in the next Mario game Mario will identify as a woman. We can only hope as it would greatly add to the story line.

Prince_TFK371d ago

I think for the next game we’ll be playing as Peach who go off to save Mario from Bowser, who himself has turned into gay and fall in love with Mario.

It would be call Super Peach: Odyssey. This would please these people.

Valkron1371d ago

You can make Mario wear a wedding dress if you use a Peach Amibo. I guess tranny Mario isn’t good enough for the LGBFTE=MC2 gestapo

blawren4370d ago

Then they would accuse Nintendo of pandering.

Araragifeels 371d ago

N4G need to start blacklisting stuff like this. I support the movement for equality but not this crap, I hate people forcing their agenda into movies, TV show and games. I wouldn't care if it was put naturally but this is by far just sad.

bluefox755371d ago

This has absolutely nothing to do with equality. People already have equal rights, video games are free expression.

Vegamyster371d ago

This ones great.

"Pauline, the mayor of New Donk City, is one of the characters that everyone knows well from the Mario universe. She gets to be, really awesome. Though, she is reliant upon Mario for certain tasks still."

If you ran a real city you're going to be reliant on others, you can't do everything yourself. Plus it's a video game, as the main character you're expected to complete objectives lol.

joab777371d ago

It’s insane. First, he isn’t jealous. And what the hell is wrong with a man wanting to feel like a white knight? Nothing. It’s our DNA as protectors etc. It doesn’t mean that women are weak. If I lived like this, I dunno

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wonderfulmonkeyman372d ago

SJW's, man.
SJW's everywhere.
I'd recommend against even approving this story.
It would be great for a laugh if the author wasn't dead serious about the lunacy they're spewing.

Genuine-User371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I'm firmly on the side of most SJW's.

That said, this article is simply absurd. I have only read the first three paragraphs before halting immediately as I found it a poor attempt at what the author was trying to accomplish.

Eonjay371d ago

What she is doing is saying that some characters live up to old stereotypes. I don't see what the big deal is. Even if they do, why is she upset about this? And why are you guys here so mad at her for expressing her 'outrage'. Why is anyone outraged? The author doesn't want to hurt anyone, she is just too damn sensitive. But why are you guys outraged? You are all too damn sensitive for me.

wonderfulmonkeyman371d ago (Edited 371d ago )


Rather than outraged, I'd say most of us are just fed up with the hypocrisy of people who take stances like hers.

I guarantee you that you'll never see her at a "father's rights" rally or anything even remotely similar.

If no one speaks out against this kind of lunacy, then they're given the run of the place, and things go from bad to worse.

DJK1NG_Gaming371d ago

Oh yeah and do know folks. The photo is spoiler.

StormSailor371d ago


A guy as Kratos avatar being SJW? Maybe it's time to rethink if you really have affinity with that kind of ideology

NordicRainy372d ago

What a surprise where the article is from. I'll say this in every comments section for articles from this site: Don't give them any links!

PhoenixUp372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Omg people will try to make everything political.

The description itself is vomit inducing as it talks about how ugly Madam Broode is, while neglecting to mention how Hariet drawn in the opposite more visually pleasing manner. Also Madam Broode is physically supposed to resemble a female version of Bowser.

In fact the way Madam Broode is dressed positions her as the evil counterpart to Pauline, a woman who’s a complete knockout. But I bet even SJWs would find an issue with attractive women in Super Mario.

strayanalog371d ago

Dear, niche. Please grow up or get over yourself. Signed, rational people.