SteelSeries May Have the Answer to Nintendo Switch's Funky Chat System

From Cinelinx:

It may not be the solution we want for Nintendo's odd approach to voice chat on their new system, but SteelSeries' Arctis 3 Bluetooth makes it easier to manage.

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darklordzor371d ago

I have their regular Arctis 3 and it's pretty amazing. It's the headset I use on the regular for gaming. This will be ideal for my Switch, although I still wish Nintendo would fix the bigger problem with their voice chat.

indysurfn371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

Wow nice. People give SWITCH a hard time because you cant connect a headphone to the controller. You can connect your headphone to your SWITCH or to your TV. Who uses a controller to hook up sound now anyway? That was for the OLD xbox days. I just found out that you CAN'T hook up your headphone to a PS4 booth tooth except the one Sony especially made for the PS4 for $159.

At any rate I think this company is going to find out more NON Nintendo lovers where complaining about Nintendo sound than Actual SWITCH owners.