The best 4K games to play on your new Xbox One X

It's finally here! But what should you play on it? AllGamers cover the best games to take advantage of your new and beefy console and work that 4K magic

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I JUST got mines from Amazon and I have to say from what I've played so far I'm VERY impressed. Everything looks so much cleaner and vibrant. I saw Ghost Reacon in the enhanced list in my games so I'm going to try that out when I get home. I love that game but it was so ugly in standard xbox. I hope it's taking full advantage of the hardware. So excited!!!

fathertime4464371d ago

Was pretty on the s because of hdr. Hdr is a massive improvement, personally I think it's almost more important than 4k. Just got my x as well. Can't wait to see what it can do

Skull521370d ago

Ghost Recon now looks phenomenal. Tomb Raider, and Mordor are great too! Halo looks better than anything on the PS4

itsmebryan371d ago

You got your today? Amazon sent me an email saying I won't get mine till Thursday.😒

DaGR8JIBRALTAR371d ago (Edited 371d ago ) wife said my system is at home waiting on me. Can't wait to get home and load up forza then assassin's creed. I bought some 4k blu rays so I'll try that to. Gr8 time to be a gamer man!

jmetalhead77812370d ago

Wow! That’s exactly how I started it. Played some Forza and the some Assassin’s. I also picked up a couple of 4k movies on my way home. Haven’t got to the movies yet, but I can’t wait!! Incredible machine!!

81BX370d ago

Gears4 looked so clean

Gaming4Life1981370d ago

So far for me fm7, gears 4, halo 5 and rise of the tomb raider look amazing. Still downloading everything else but I'm impressed. I want to play some og games and 360 games like skate 3, ssx, crimson skies, ninja gaiden black to see how they look.

fathertime4464370d ago

Going to be brutally honest. I see the difference in cod, but in games like gears 4 and tomb raider I'm hard pressed. I mean with the s and her they were got your before. Onlonly reason I know there is a difference is because I know what I'm looking for. My fiance is like, "where's the upgrade" lol. I said cleaned image, less jaggies with better lighting and smoother game play. She said I am an a**.....
I like it, but shows how good the upscaled on the s truly is.

Mexxan368d ago

If your playing on a 4k screen, go to the opticians...

fathertime4464367d ago

@Mexxan, no need we see fine. It's my opinion and experience. A testament to the game