Homefront: The Revolution Runs at 1800P+HDR on Xbox One X; Game Now Discounted

Homefront: The Revolution has been updated to support Xbox One X, where the game will now run at 1800P with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support.

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ccgr346d ago

Great news, will have to check it out!

SierraGuy345d ago

Trust me you don't want to play this.

KaiPow346d ago

I saw it's about $10 for a new copy, so I'll have to track one down when I get my X.

TekoIie345d ago

I didn't hear great things from reviews but at that price its difficult to not get your moneys worth with just about any game.

TankCrossing346d ago

Was this game improved at all, or is it worthy of the kinda 5/10 reviews it got at launch?

fathertime4464345d ago

It has its faults.first one was better.
Interesting premise.
Plays better now for sure and it doesn't burn my eyes after 10 minutes of play anymore now

coolbeans345d ago

It's been patched a lot since having launched last year. I'm tempted to try out in the future.

andrewsquall345d ago

It was improved alright but it was so bad, the improvement is hardly worth writing home about, or worth 5 quid of your money.

TankCrossing345d ago

Tis £10 in the sale at the moment. I guess I may as well give it a try.

NoPeace_Walker345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Good to know

345d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.