Microsoft added three more Xbox 360 enhanced games to Xbox One X lineup

Back in October, Microsoft announced four Xbox 360 games will be enhanced for the Xbox One X. The company just confirmed three more Xbox 360 originals will also be joining the list.

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JokerBoy422348d ago

Apart from Gears 3, those are odd titles to be headliners.

348d ago
DarthSocio348d ago

So the X is basically the "enhanced" version of previous games, nothing new to entice consumers

gamer7804348d ago

previous, current, and upcoming games. pretty nice to cover a such a wide array of games. It also brings down the cost of entry if you already have some games in your catalog or backlog that will now look better.

Dlaw76348d ago

Still a game that can be if you never played it so you telling Anthem and the next red dead game aren't new games that I want on my X

timotim348d ago

Tell us what games you are currently playing on your PS4?

And I agree with Gamer7804...X has the trifecta...past, current and future games will all look great on X.

NoPeace_Walker348d ago (Edited 348d ago )

It is one beastly feature of many. It also plays the best console version of new games like Assassin's Creed Origins and COD WWII, future blockbusters such as Red Dead Redemption, MS console exclusives like Forza Horizon 4 and Halo 6, UHD 4K Blu Ray, free remastered of old games without paying like Gears 3 and Ninja Gaiden Black, serve you lunch and make you happy. It truly does everything.

MagicBeanz348d ago

But apparently it doesn't play everything better, nice to see you're making predictions about the future for games that aren't even out yet as well. Also didn't you get your bone x already? Why are you still here trying to sell us all one, did you run out of stuff to play on it already?

MagicBeanz348d ago

Yes but you're not allowed to bring that up and also you must say over and over to yourself "exclusives dont matter" until you start to believe it.

DrumBeat348d ago

Not getting enough attention today, huh?

MagicBeanz348d ago


You mad about something?

JayRyu348d ago

What will entice consumers is that they can play their xbox, 360, and xbox one games and have them look and play better. While still playing some new titles like Forza and Assassin's creed. All on the most powerful console out right now.

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timotim348d ago

They are doing an amazing job

i3eyond the Circle348d ago

Skate 3 Ive always wanted to try.

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The story is too old to be commented.