Lawbreakers Is Hosting Yet Another Free Weekend And Shines The Spotlight On Its Mascot Character

From GameWatcher: "It's difficult not to lose count of its efforts at this point, but Lawbreakers is getting yet another free weekend. If you're looking for a new shooter or just have nothing planned for this week, it might be worth giving a shot."

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Gaming4Life1981344d ago

I knew this game would end up up going free to play, this is just the beginning of this games downfall.

Jinger344d ago

The game has already crashed and burned from launch. Can't have a downfall if it never left the ground haha

DarkZane344d ago

Going free to play is likely the only thing that can save it. The game was supposed to be free to play, but they decided to make it buy to play instead at the last minute, which is why it actually failed.

344d ago
SickSinceSix344d ago

Weird timing, considering the new CoD just launched but at this point the game seems unsavable now anyway.

admiralvic344d ago

Well, the release date just sucked. Unless they just wanted to do them right off the bat, there was always a reason not to do it. There will always be an event, big release or something else to complain about that they can either fight them or let it die and hope to fix it after the holiday season. Neither are ideal, but it is what it is

datriax344d ago

Each failed attempt at getting this pile of garbage off the ground, just makes me think of Cliff Bleszinski's tears, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

If only this game would take your career and bankrupt you with it Cliff. Have a nice big slice of humble pie you jagoff.