What AMD and Intel's partnership means for PC gaming

AMD and Intel just announced early today a major partnership to join forces, combining Intel's CPU technology with AMD's graphics. The move is no doubt a shock for the gaming industry and has far reaching ramifications. Here's what we think are the most important bits, and how the partnership will affect PC gaming.

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ocelot07346d ago

PS5: Intel processing power and AMD's GPU power - yes please

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Tsar4ever01345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

"PS5: Intel processing power and AMD's GPU power".

INTEL CPU cores? HAH!! While your going that far off the deep end, why don't you just request for Nvidia's GPU power for PS5 too? Guess you haven't read that old Forbes article about why Sony & Microsoft choose AMD & X86-64 for PS4 & XB1.

bluefox755345d ago

Agreed. People might say that Nvidia is better, but AMD does great and is very comparable in the low-mid range GPU market. Intel CPUs would be a godsend though, hopefully addressing some of the CPU limitations this gen.

Tsar4ever01345d ago

Yeah, Intel cpus would've made a big difference in frame-rates performance on current-gen consoles, Can you even imagine how well even the BASE consoles would've done running Ryzen apu's? Richard at Digital Foundry gave us sort off a Hypothesis video on this, you might of already looked at it, and the result showed gives me hope for next-gen consoles.

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Bigpappy346d ago

No more CPU competition? Not sure this is all that great. But life is about changes.

ocelot07346d ago

Both are still going to be competing in the CPU I imagine. This only help's both parties. Intel's graphics where ok but does not have a patch on AMD's so this will help them. This will help AMD also and will make netbook's a decent buy for portable gaming.

darthv72346d ago

It's not about the cpu side at all. Intel is wanting to use AMD gpu technology combined with their cpu to create an APU that takes on nvidia.

Bigpappy346d ago

okay. thanks for the clarification guys.

zivtheawesome345d ago

well it is not really no cpu competition this is only one build they are doing together, they still have seperate builds using only AMD/ intel + nvidia.

UltraNova345d ago

Its only for small factor applications not desktop, laptop and enterprise CPUs.

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Rimeskeem346d ago

As long as the prices don’t sky rocket I’m ok with it.

MegamanXXX345d ago

Can you imagine the prices it would be if it was Nvidia and intel

xX-oldboy-Xx345d ago

My hope is the prices come down. One can hope.

FyBy345d ago

That would be great "APU" for consoles! Cant wait! But in the end AMD-only solution can deliver similar for better price, so I dont think we will see these CPUs in consoles in the future.

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