South Park: 7 Reasons Fractured But Whole Is Worse Than Stick Of Truth

As a pleasant surprise back in 2014, The Stick Of Truth was always going to be a tough act for Trey Parker and Matt Stone to both follow and conquer. Yes, they have succeeded in expanding upon its gameplay with deeper combat, more interesting and varied boss battles and superior side-quests, but did they manage to make a better game overall? No.

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warriorcase342d ago

Agreed. This one is sooooo slow and repetitive. Takes ages between amy laughs. Obsidian did a much better job with stick of truth but that's hardly suprising when all ubisoft sanfran has done is rocksmith 2014 and just dance for kids.

franwex342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Both games became repetitive after awhile, however I am still happy with them. By part 2 the novelty of a South Park game will not be as fresh anymore. Even so, it is still solid RPG game; and there is really nothing else out there like it. It's like a modern, mature (err...immature actually) Earthbound.

stefan_771342d ago

Stick of Truth has better combat, a better story, is funnier and there is more stuff to interact with. That's why I think it's better

342d ago
rdgneoz3342d ago

Both are funny. SoT has the story going for it, while FbW has the combat.

r3f1cul342d ago

i find them to be just about absolutely even personally, some good laughs here and there (all subjective on your sense of humor and some things are funnier if you get the show references) pretty solid gameplay from both, i enjoy the blocking and attacking timing prompts from the first and the attack grid and strategy of the second... solid turn based rpgs and those are literally fucking unicorns nowadays sadly as devs seem to have it in there head that they cant be popular and everything has to be action action action, ADHD to the max for a game to be good when i think if anything southpark proves that turn based is still incredibly solid as a choice for combat style in an rpg and i will def support the shit out of any game they come out with that incorporates a similar style ... especially one without a shitty loot crate system that nickels and dimes the shit out of you... there is something to be said for the simplicity of south park IMO solid turn based strategy and some good laughs with a solid enough story to keep you entertained for the 20 or so hours you wonder about in that quiet mountain town ;)

Magnus342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I actually like both games each have their strengths and flaws in both games. I was really hoping Timmy and Towelie both would have been playable characters or Nathan and Mimzy could have also been in the game also.