10 Upcoming 2018 Video Games That Will Struggle To Live Up To The Hype

Hype is there for a reason, though, and while we certainly hope every game coming out next year delivers and then some, it’s simply inevitable there are those who will fall flat on their face. Some because too much was expected, and others merely because they’re just plain bad.

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telekineticmantis2390d ago

God of War has tons of Creativity in the way you get around, the puzzles you solve, and the tools you get traditionally, so I don't know what trends in the previous iterations, we've seen that would make us think this.

InTheLab2390d ago

3 or 4 Sony exclusives on this list....

God of War looks fantastic....but the author has a problem with the name of the title and changing to Norse mythology

He makes complaints about Sony pictures (ignoring 3 good and focusing on the 3 that are trash) which has nothing to do with the game or the legendary developer behind it.

Days Gone looks good. Dude is crazy

Honestly don't care for FFVII.

The insane pick here is Red Dead. It's Rockstar, an open world western, and sequel to one of the greatest games ever made but might not live up to the hype?

Yeah ok Whatculture....

Freedomland2389d ago

Amazing spontaneous response. Loved it. No further discussion needed.

Jinger2390d ago

Of course there will be more Sony games on this list since Sony releases a lot more games.

InTheLab2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

But consider Crackdown. MS is billing it as a triple A title and it is not a triple A franchise. 1 great game. 1 shit game. And who knows what 3 will be considering it's trouble in development.

Sea of thieves is online and probably not going to do well or it could end up doing just ok but will it live up to the hype? Nope.

PuBG might not be the hit it is on pc as players already have fortnite.

Now I can acknowledge that the change in play style might turn some off in GoW but those new to the franchise won't take issue and those returning probably won't care.

As for Spider-Man, the last two games were developed at the Activision Sweat shop and pumped out by am average developer on a tight budget. Spiderman ps4 has the full backing of Sony and is made by one of the best devs around.

So for the author to nit pick seemingly all but TLoU2 and all of MS' small line up , just seems like more agenda than common sense.

ShadowWolf7122390d ago

The FighterZ section was especially stupid.

rainslacker2389d ago

Struggle to live up to the hype is pure conjecture.

Hyped games are often hyped for a reason, and most of these are hyped because of the pedigree of the studio, or the nature of what's first been shown of the games.

Sure, with any highly anticipated game, the more hype it gets means the higher the chance that it won't meet people's expectations, but that doesn't mean they're pre-destined to struggle to meet them. On occassion, they can even surpass expectations. I remember when TLOU completely blew people's expectations out of the water....and I think horizon did the same thing when it released. Despite the hype, they ended up being better than most people seemed to expect....despite those expectations being high.

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guyman2390d ago

Hype is there for a reason, though, and while we certainly hope every game coming out next year delivers and then some, it’s simply inevitable there are those who will fall flat on their face. Some because too much was expected, and others merely because they’re just plain bad.

written by a clickbaiting idiot

You can sure as hell bet Spiderman, GOW, DBZ, and RDR 2 will live up to the hype given the credentials of the developers in charge

Jinger2390d ago

Nothing is certain. Remember FUSE from Insomniac? Remember God of War Ascension? Rock Star isn't incapable of making a stinker either.

Not saying that it will happen, but its better to tame the hype then let it take over and make more room for disappointment. For the record I have full faith in Insomniac and while I still have to get past some design changes in GoW, the Norse mythology is something I have always wanted GoW to take on!

Hardiman2390d ago

To be honest I never played Ascension. I don't recall a lot of hype for it. I've played every GOW game on PS2, PS3, PS4 and PSP but I had no interest in Ascension. Now on the flipside when I saw the reveal trailer for God of War I shit my pants and have loved everything I've seen or read since. I'm no fortune teller but God of War will do big business as will Spider Man and Red Dead 2.

Freedomland2389d ago

What's wrong with Ascension, I played it, finished it and loved it.

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Furesis86d ago

5 years too late, no cross-play and ps5 and ps4 cant play together and on pc u have delay based and roll back which u can choose which will divide the player base even more since some wont know the difference and some of the game modes are not compatible with rollback... like why, you should have just made fighterz 2 and implement it properly there what is this half assed shit?
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DivineHand12585d ago

What new features do we get with the PS5 version?

ZeekQuattro85d ago

Rollback netcode. Faster load times.