The Xbox One X's Hard Drive Can Fill Up Pretty Fast

Games optimized for the Xbox One X can look better on the new console than they do on older hardware, but adding HDR support, 4K textures and other enhancements takes a bit more space. With three games taking up over a third of the console’s drive, 1TB of storage isn’t gonna cut it.

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ziggurcat379d ago

external HDD support sort of negates that problem, though.

King Nezz378d ago

I agree. If you can spend $499.99 for a console, a 4TB external hard drive at around $100 shouldn't be an issue.

MegamanXXX378d ago

Which makes it $599 if you don't have an extra Hard Drive.

darthv72378d ago

This gen in general... hdd's can fill up fast.

Pantz378d ago

HDD's sizes and prices have plateaued a bit. External prices and sizes actually seem to be the best value right now. Looking to get some good deals on one this Black Friday. Either the green Seagate Xbox branded 4TB, or just another 8TB Seagate and be set for life. Before anyone says anything about Seagate, they havn't had the problems they used to have for years now.

Dlaw76378d ago

Does my Xbox X support a 8tb external hard drive

Pantz378d ago

Yep. They even got an Xbox branded 8TB.
But it's white..

Black0ut378d ago


Jesus, that's crazy big. Does anyone else go through half of that? I find myself to be at or around the 2.5tb mark but I uninstall titles that I'm not currently into.

I guess it wouldn't be hard if you have most games.

Enjoigamin378d ago

I bought a pro 2 mths ago it's hdd is almost full without any 4k assets..whats your point.

Maybay378d ago

People (the media in particular) want to downplay and bad talk Microsoft and much as possible. Apparently, they'll never forgive Microsoft from that stunt they pulled when Don Mattrick was in charge. Sony had one of the biggest security breaches in gaming history, and come out unscathed after all that.

When will gamers forgive Microsoft as they did for Nintendo (for the Wii U) and Sony?

Artemidorus378d ago

So can the Playstation Pro, what's the problem?

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