Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2008-9-29 / 2008-10-5 and Sales

Console Sales for 2008-9-29 to 2008-10-5:
Wii: 26000
NDS: 45000
PS2: 8600
360: 7600
PS3: 7500
PSP: 24000

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MaximusPrime5357d ago

well according to top 30 software chart, not a single one is xbox 360's

so what these guy going to do with their brand new xbox 360?

GiantEnemyCrab5357d ago

Play all the JRPG's considering both Sony and Nintendo have squat.

fufotrufo5357d ago

the same thing they are doing with their ps3 .. collect dust :D

alexM5357d ago

next week x360 will be down to the bottom of the barrel

last week was a virtaul tie

7600 vs 7500

However these are Famitsu numbers

wait for media create

OgTheClever5357d ago

...and we see the same old flame wars continue.

alexM5357d ago

It is a tie 7600 vs 7500

However wait for media create numbers

i feel PS3 is ahead

But where will x360 be next week??

29k -14k -11k -7.6k - 5/6k at best

Fox015357d ago

lol. Cahill, AlexM, Nasim are one and the same person

OgTheClever5357d ago

I think you might have missed my sarcasm/fanboy impersonation there, Alex.

leila015357d ago

next week Microsoft will sell 4-5k 360s, and in November sales will sky rocket again...

Raoh5357d ago

October Sales = LittleBigPlanet PS3 Onry

name5357d ago

The 360's lead is getting smaller, but it's still in the lead. And what the hell @ the PS2 -_- We all know what market japan is all about then.

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