Skyrim for Nintendo Switch Ready for Pre-Purchase on eShop

Are you excited to start making your Skyrim adventures portable? Ahead of the November 17th release, Skyrim for Nintendo Switch is now available for purchasing from the eShop.

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Benjaminkno348d ago

Unless you have a memory expansion, buying digital should not be the way to go.

All they need to do is announce Fallout and I’ll get a switch sooner

Gemmol348d ago

im all digital over 12 games on 128gb with 60gb left after nba 2k18..........xenoblade and wwe 2k18 on the list next

kevnb348d ago

Obviously, good thing the switch accepts sd cards.

Neonridr347d ago

yeah no proprietary garbage..

Prince_TFK348d ago

November 17th seem so far away lol. Can't wait.

Ittoittosai348d ago

Yay a 7yr old skyrim title

cpayne93348d ago

One of the highest rated rpgs ever now portable, it is p cool.

Prince_TFK348d ago

Which you can play on bed/on the go/on the toilet with your 7 years old+ PS3/Xbox 360.

Oh wait.

Aggesan348d ago

Funny that it's released same day as Skyrim VR.

Neonridr347d ago

it's like Bethesda almost planned that...

Neonridr347d ago

why not? It's new Skyrim games. Why not just release them on the same day? I doubt Switch and PSVR sales are going to cannibalize each other :P