Xbox's Shannon Loftis Defends Exclusives Lineup, Teases More Game Announcements

"I think our offering is good and it is solid," the Xbox GM says.

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RpgSama2388d ago

That's all they do, they always keep teasing more announcements that never come or when they do come it's a "WORLD EXCLUSIVE" (launch trailer), they lost so much ground in this generation on the software department against the 360, it's just crazy.

chrisx2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Exactly. With all the money ms has the software presentation this gen is indefensible. they need major restructuring over there.

UCForce2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

The problem is that MS don't want to. They afraid to lose a lot of money. Sea of Thieves have cost a lot of money for MS. But Sea of Thieves is a GaaS game which will increase profitable to MS. Did you see why MS buy Minecraft in first place ? Because They want to be profitable. It will be the same thing with PUGB exclusive. And Microsoft will be just like Valve. When they will be no longer taking risk of making more new games.

Relientk772388d ago

But but you gotta wait until E3 when Microsoft shows off all these ridic "exclusives" it's only like 8 months away.

2388d ago
UCForce2388d ago

MS focus is now Multiplayer and Coop. Single Player isn't MS priority anymore. That's just disappointing.

343_Guilty_Spark2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

They just had major restructuring.

How is Sea of Thieves GaAS. Do you have insider info @UCFORCE

Jinger2387d ago


As of right now SoT isn't a GaaS game. Just because it has a focus of online co-op doesnt mean it's GaaS.

TankCrossing2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Sea of Thieves is definitely GaaS. MS plan to support that game for many years.

You think they will just release it, then forget about it and move onto other projects? That'll only happen if t is a catastrophic failure (which i wouldn't rule out at all from what I've seen of it).

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bluefox7552387d ago

I have a feeling when they're not talking about AAA titles when they say "announcements".

drunkenspy0072387d ago

They love saying exclusive when that game is also available on PC. PS4 and Switch are the only consoles with real exclusive games.

DialgaMarine2387d ago

Their E3 announcer voice was a total laughing stick for that lol

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Gazondaily2388d ago

"I think our offering is good and it is solid. I definitely hear that gamers want more. Would we love to have two-dozen more super-strong, absolutely exclusives? You bet,"

Disagree there. Solid as far as the holiday season? Maybe but only because of PubG and the usual waiting for hols to release titles.

" I do not see how offering games on more platforms to more gamers is a bad thing necessarily, particularly in a multiplayer scenario"

Well the Xbox console's value proposition takes a MASSIVE hit when the titles are available on PC. I agree that the MP scenario has real benefits, assuming that can work well without compromising on balance. Games like Forza being on both with enhanced/shared player numbers is great.

Gamers have spoken and MS appear to acknowledge it but wouldn't it be great/refreshing for team Xbox to say something of the lines of "Yo, so we know we're suffering from a lack of exclusives currently. We recognise that and we are definitely working towards fixing that. Don't worry we hear you."

I guess they are trying to say that...but they have been saying that for a while. We need some results. Yes the early years weren't so bad but its at the latte part of the gen where the results truly matter. The 360 slumped massively in this regard at the end. Unless Xbox pull their pants up, the X1 is to continue that trend

Death2388d ago

Value takes a hit when the games are on PC? I buy all my games digital now so I can play them on my Xbox and PC. How does that reduce value? Are you referring to all the people that hate Xbox and choose to play Xbox games on their uber PC instead?

The only thing Microsoft can do now is make more exclusive first party games and pay to keep games off other platforms. I would like to see them make more quality first party games.

ApocalypseShadow2388d ago

Reducing value means even in the smallest way, they are giving consumers reason not to buy the console if they can play Microsoft games somewhere else.

Consoles have exclusives for a reason or there's no point in buying them. Not sure why you don't see that. If Sony and Nintendo had offered their games on PC in the past, there would have been a possibility of more sales from the first Nintendo and PlayStation 1 going forward. But **LESS** of a reason to buy their hardware because PC was always more powerful than consoles.

If Sony and Nintendo offered their games on Xbox, would there be a reason to buy a Nintendo Switch or PS4? No. If Netflix offered their original programming on Hulu, would there be a reason to subscribe to Netflix? No. There's a reason why some people go to particular restaurants. Because the Master Chef only makes food at that establishment only.

Exclusives matter when you want clientele or there's no point in competition or creating a place, exclusive features or product.

Death2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

I see reducing value as limiting where I can play my games and for how long. Play Anywhere and b/c have added value to my games. Locking games to a single platform generation and then reselling then over and over reduced value to me. SOC was just announced for PS4 which is the third console for the same game. Letting gamers use the PS2 or PS3 copy they already own on PS4 with free enhancements would add value. Allowing them to by it again, not so much.

We clearly define value differently.

As for making Microsoft Xbox games playable on Microsoft Windows 10 PC, I don’t see the difference between that and PS4 exclusives that also play on Vita or PSNow

Outside_ofthe_Box2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

"Value takes a hit when the games are on PC? I buy all my games digital now so I can play them on my Xbox and PC. How does that reduce value?"

It increases the value of each individual game because you can play it on two platforms, but at the same time the value of the Xbox One console does take a hit, it might not be a ginormous hit, but it's still a hit nonetheless. Previously, titles that were must have, you had to buy Xbox hardware to play it, now you have a choice to play it on Xbox or PC. The Xbox isn't absolutely necessary to play those games anymore. And it does make PC gaming more attractive. Those that were strictly console gamers before might dabble with PC to maximize their gaming.

Either way MS has to increase their output.

"As for making Microsoft Xbox games playable on Microsoft Windows 10 PC, I don’t see the difference between that and PS4 exclusives that also play on Vita or PSNow "

Well the XBox and PC games are the same game. With the Vita, usually you are getting a far inferior experience compared to the PS4 version. Some gameplay feature may omitted in the Vita version. For PSNow, it does reduce the value of the PS4 as well. There is a reason why Sony isn't releasing new exclusives right away on PSNow even though they can easily do it.

rainslacker2387d ago

Think septic is saying the value proposition of the hardware is reduced. You seem to be referring to the value of the software. If so, it would seem more beneficial to want ms to make more games to have more value to both systems you own. However, if one has a pc, the value proposition for console hardware is diminished because it becomes redundant. Obviously there will be some that see value in having both, but the need to get one isn't as pressing if you already have the means to play said games elsewhere.

Death2387d ago


That assumes you are interested in all or at least a significant amount of the available exclusives. As a PS4 owner I don’t buy the majority of the exclusives available. How much value should I put into the games I don’t want?

I own a very competent gaming PC as well as an Xbox. I find more value in my Play Anywhere games that I buy once and have access to on both. I find more value in playing my “old games” I already paid for enhanced on a new system. Buying a game on my PS4 and knowing it has a shorter shelf life of usability doesn’t make me feel like I’m getting more value. I respect that people are out ther excited to pay for SoC for a third time, but I feel it’s gouging. It’s the opposite of adding value. I would rather see the game I already bought be worth something longer.

Why o why2387d ago

Death... its obvious you either just don't get it or just dont want to understand.

Answer me this... why did you think ms stopped/blocked many of the xbox exclusives from being on pc last gen?

Why do you think they used the term 'exclusive' during their presser?

My point is the value of the hardware is lessened if the software can be played in its same capacity elswhere, in this case the pc but thats not the be all or end all as sony has shared many titles with pc too. Here's the thing though, sony know the value of usp's and true exclusive content is increases the value proposition. You may not like all there is to offer but you ultimately have more choice as do others. You may not like everybody's golf or persona 5 but others will. Multiply unique titles by 10 and theres more opportunities to attract and retain custom by casting a wider net.

Ms devalued the xb1 when they announced all of its software were going multi. Great for the devs and guys who owned a pc too but not so much for the xb hardware. Many pc guys were overjoyed when they heard ms's plan to share all titles...one less piece of hardware and a subscription to worry about. How can you not see how that affects the relevance of the x1. Its not a doom n gloom situation but it sure isn't helping that much.

rainslacker2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

OK. Well, before we proceed, I have to ask how play anywhere has added a lot of value to a lot of your game purchases if you don't buy many exclusives.

On top of that, there are only 25 games available now, with 11 coming in the future with Play Anywhere based on MS own provided list, and the only two big ones that aren't from MS are Shadow of War and Resident Evil.


It seems you're exaggerating the actual significance of the value you gain from this feature. Just like with Sony's cross buy, it's not a heavily implemented feature, and while there is value in those games which offer it, I can't see that it's that much of a consideration on the larger scale.

plus, I feel Septic was speaking generally, while you were speaking personally, and anecdotally. I can understand, and even relate to what you find of value in the X1X, and won't discourage you from seeing that or buying an X1X(which I assume you already did). I just think that you are taking Septics generalized statement, and trying to make your own views as applicable across the board.

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freshslicepizza2388d ago

I like the direction with Play Anywhere, Windows support. I also like the designs of the Xbox One S and XB1X, both are beautiful and amazing engineering. They also have very strong online support and cloud services around the globe.

But they need games, they need to create new studios. When they canceled Coalitions new project in favor of Gears of War I knew right there they still don't get it. The only sign I see of anything new is Sea of Thieves. Not one other game shows they are investing in the future.

Gazondaily2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Dont worry; won't be long till you're back to launching ad hominem attacks but let's enjoy this moment with a nice cup of tea ☕

Outside_ofthe_Box2388d ago

If I launch ad hominem attacks, then you are most definitely guilty of it as well.

Gazondaily2387d ago

Pretty sure you launch into those first but never mind. So is that a yes to tea?

travestyj2387d ago

Did she take PR speaking lessons from Donald Trump?

bluefox7552387d ago

Considering Trump won, I'd say no.

Trez12342387d ago

Well said.