Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Xbox One Review - DJ Podcasts

Gavin from DJ Podcasts writes "Wolfenstein is a franchise based on eradicating the Nazi movement, and a game that is a favourite of many generation of gamers. The love of the game is so great, that when Bethesda announced that it was publishing a reboot titled Wolfenstein: The New Order in May 2013, fans and gamers were interested, yet worried. The result with the release of the game a year later was hugely positive, with many gamers and critics voting it for game of the year. A stand-alone short, prequel was soon released, yet fans have craved more. Enter New Colossus. (the next paragraph contains spoilers for The New Order, if you have not played it, SHAME ON YOU!)"

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Valkron1350d ago

Downloading the Xbox update for it now, my XB1X arrives tomorrow. Can’t wait!