Japanese Third Parties Unconvinced Of The Switch Are Now Scrambling

An article from Wall Street Journal suggests third parties who were burned after the Wii U bet wrong against its successor.

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Automatic79438d ago

It's a shame switch is off to a good start. I hope all third parties jump on board.

Bleucrunch438d ago

Third parties had every reason to feel this way with what the wiiu was, but that was then and they should have looked at the switch with fresh eyes and not come in with past baggage. Isn't that what we are told to do when we leave a bad relationship and start a new one??

Third parties are hypocrites.

Jinger438d ago

Bad relationships often don't cost millions of dollars in losses...

wonderfulmonkeyman437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

You must not watch many court programs.XD

Anyways, I don't really disagree with either of you.
Bleu is right that the Switch shouldn't be judged on the demerits of the Wii U, but you're also right in saying that third parties aren't wrong to be cautious, after two gens where their sort of games didn't really sell on Nintendo's home consoles. [With a few exceptions, like Bayonetta 2]

The Switch is just proof that times and circumstances both can change in a blink, and those who adapt fastest reap the bigger rewards for doing so.

Bleucrunch437d ago

Have you seen any reality tv show or sports couple or Hollywood couple or political couple whose laundry has been aired out. Its as normal as the days of the week. That is why folks sign prenuptial agreement.

Jinger437d ago


Well sure, maybe if you are famous and are super rich divorces can be bad. Prenups are the result in rich people getting screwed out of millions... unfortunately there is no such thing as a Prenup for the gaming industry.

Many-hat5437d ago (Edited 437d ago )

I suspect, other than a few third party exclusives nobody is gonna buy third party games on the switch. Who in their right mind would choose to play Doom on a switch? OK if you only have a switch, but even then. I will only ever be buying 1st party Nintendo stuff and, as I say, the occasional third party exclusive. That's usually the case for Nintendo machines, isn't it?

Segata437d ago

Or maybe someone wants to play Doom on the bus.

CaptainN437d ago

You are crazy !! Doom on the go is a huge plus and many people are interested in having a shooter like that on Switch.

prb313436d ago

no its not. and people like u is the reason why people only buy first party. just buy the game play it move on.

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